Merry Christmas and a successful 2011!

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The Christmas season is on the way again. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, partners and friends for doing business with us and giving us the chance to join in daily work.

We look forward to best support you also in future and get your satisfaction level as our stimulation to go the extra mile to keep you as a happy customer, partner – or even friend. 😉


A very Merry Christmas and a prospering New Year!

Your NetEye Team

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Collection and Exploration of Large Data

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Hakin9, a free monthly magazine on IT Security in its December edition published an article written by Luca Deri mentioning also the adoption of the nBox appliance with a pre-installed ntop and anProbe software. The magazine also pre-announced the 2011 edition of our Conference on Nagios & OSS Monitoring scheduled for the 12th of May.

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Customer Survey on NetEye

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Surveying not only helps us to stay on top of our customer needs, but gives us also an edge over the competition as well. That is the reason for conducting a customer satisfaction survey in the recent past and also the cause why we will use this direct feedback opportunity regularly to improve service and product quality.

The average result
The recent results for NetEye reached an average of 8.77 point in a scale from 0 to 10. Not that bad, someone may think, but there is still space for improvement.

Let´s go to see the details:
General product satisfaction reached 8.74. The functionalities seem to meet customer´s demands (above 9.0), documentation is seen as quite clearly arranged and understandable (votes above 8.0). An appeal to improvements can be read out on the answers regarding the user friendliness (vote around 7.0)

In order to sustainable improve the product offer for 2011 the following activities are taking into account:

  • Better integration of the NetEye modules into one single Look&Feel
  • Improvements in distributed monitoring and scalability
  • The ability to define business process and receive notification by SMS or Email if one of them is affected
  • Create reports on business process level and infrastructure level
  • Extend the network access monitoring capabilities

The medium term vision for NetEye is furthermore to create a IT Service Management instrument with a central CMDB to support ITIL processes from the different point of view:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • System – Service Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Application and Performance Monitoring
  • Business Service Monitoring
  • Network and Host Security Monitoring
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Documentation

Consulting and service on the product has been assessed as satisfactorily. Good votes were given to technical and methodical competence, Problem Ma¬nagement and soft skills (all rated over 8). But also trainings and general sup¬port services scored well.
To hold this level also in 2011 more skilled colleagues will be trained and step by step moved more into consultancy activities. Furthermore the response times of all support requests will be monitored in OTRS. Much of the employees’ bonuses also depend on the satisfaction measurements that are systematically gathered for each customer also across response times in OTRS. Optimized internal processes will be adopted in order to gu¬arantee the best possible standpoint.

Our pricing strategy
Most customers see the WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye price strategy as acceptable. All questions regarding the price/performance ratio resulted in a range between 7.0 and 8.0. However there has been a slight decrease in relation to the results of 2009. What are we planned to do? We will provide new functionalities with no additional service or upgrade costs. For 2011 among others the following features will be include in our offer:

  • Business Process Monitoring and Configuration
  • SNMP Trap Handling Engine integrated in NetEye / Nagios
  • Search and Reporting functionalities for the Syslog Module
  • Upgrade to the last stable open source projects

Finally the general partnership with Würth Phoenix as IT service provider is perceived positively. The information channels in the communication with the customer are seen as working well. Nevertheless this positive result customers can be certain that Würth Phoenix will continue to invest in WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye as strategic part of its business. This should be also in future an important contribution in assuring highest investment security for you as our customers. We assure full support to continue in this direction, to invest in our solution and in the people supporting it.

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