Nagios World Conference Europe™: OTRS ITSM 3.0

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Jens Oliver Bothe, ITIL®-certified Senior Consultant at OTRS Group since 2006, will present the new OTRS ITSM 3.0 during the Nagios World Conference Europe™. Jens has long lasting experience in managing technical support teams and in his role as project manager he signed responsible for hundreds of successful OTRS Help Desk and OTRS ITSM implementations. He has also been working as a trainer for years. Based on his sound expertise in structural planning and implementation of data processing centers, planning and controlling networks as well as UNIX/LINUX system administration, he took over the responsability to enhance the technical and functional aspects of the OTRS System Monitoring Feature. During the Nagios World Conference Europe™ Jens will illustrate the ITIL version 3 compliant with OTRS ITSM 3.0, explaining how to use OTRS ITSM for IT service management in data centers, focusing on the integration with Nagios and other monitoring systems.

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You can get more detailed information about OTRS by clicking on the following link

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Nagios World Conference Europe™: The new Linux standard DRBD

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During the Nagios World Conference Europe™, one of the topic that will be presented is “Real Time Cluster Synchronisation for more Reliability in High Availability Systems”. Martin Loschwitz, Linbit Senior consultant, will clarify this concept introducing new Linux standards DRBD and explaining how DRBD can substitute the SAN data center.
“The data are the lifeblood of an application. Without them even the best platform will be useless. One of the goal during the creation of high availability solutions is the redundancy of the data. With SANs setups is possible to guarantee the high availability but with some limits. In fact these configurations are Single point of Failures (SPOFs), despite the internal redundancies, and the companies are dependent to their suppliers for a long term.  DRBD is a solution for the redundant archiving of data for Linux and a proven alternative to the SAN’s data centers. With DRBD every data is duplicated twice on two independent servers. So if one of the server has problems, the application can be restarted in the other one without any loss of data. Downtimes are in this way eliminated.”

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You can get more information about Linbit on the following link

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Nagios World Conference Europe ™

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We’re happy to announce the Nagios World Conference™ happening on May 12th at Bolzano/Italy. 
The event will be hosted by Würth Phoenix and is designed for IT managers, system administrators and developers to network with other IT professionals and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas with experienced users and liked-minded people.

For all details regarding the agenda and for your free registration go directly to

The speakers:

For the coming days in our blog we would like to introduce the single sessions and present the main speakers of the conference. For the moment official confirmation came from:

  • Ethan Galstad, Nagios Founder, President Nagios Enterprise (US)
  • Ton Voon, Nagios Plugin Development Opsera Limited (UK)
  • Michael Medin, President NS Client (SWE)
  • Jens Bothe, Senior Consultant OTRS AG (GER)
  • Luca Deri, ntop founder (I)
  • Stefano Benassi & Camillo Toselli, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (I)
  • Martin Loschwitz, Consultant Linbit (A)
  • Giovanni Belluzzo, ITManager Infocert S.p.A. (I)
  • Mauro Vettore, ITManager Diesel S.p.A. (I)
  • Matteo de Angelis, itSMF (I)

The starting point of this series will be made tomorrow with Martin Loschwitz from Viennese Open Source service provider Linbit.

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Update: NetEye Configtool 1.4.5

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Release of NetEye Configtool version 1.4.5

The update concerns most of all the SNMP trap handler part of the configtool.

Beside a few bug fixes and performance tweaks it includes some new functionalities as listed below.

New or improved features:

  • configuring livestatus to send Nagios Host/Service States improves performance of the traphandler
  • new improved default MessageConsole message format for the trap handler. The message body itself now includes the timestamp and full trap line-numbered message
  • additional options for the MessageConsole rules of the trap handler. You can now specify also the servicetemplate to use for a specific trap within a trap rule. This options can be modified by adding/editing a MessageConsole trap ruble and clicking on the configure icon (bottom-left) of the dialog
  • monarch database connection settings integrated in the setting page of the trap handler
  • several user interface (web frontend) changes, e.g. improved (visual) support for Internet Explorer rendering, the rule table displays the number of advanced rules (also the trap dialog at the bottom), changes in the setting page layout and many more

Overview of the features offered by the trap handler:

  • receiving, parsing and interpreting of SNMP traps
  • send messages to the MessageConsole with numerous options
  • set/update Nagios host and service states
  • execute some arbitrary commands on trap receival or mark specific traps to be always ignored
  • advanced rules are used to further filter traps and extract data (including substrings) from a specific line of the SNMP trap message
  • archive SNMP traps and cleanup this archive
  • allow trap messages to match several (more than one) rule
  • use predefined variables or define your own variable. They can be used for instance in the MessageConsole message body, subject, etc.
  • fast setup of a new trap rule by duplicating the properties of an existing one

Supported NetEye Versions: 3.2

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