The ITIL driven ticketing system OTRS, included in NetEye, comes with a variety of features which alone suite most customers’ needs: the flexibility of the queues system, the user management and the integration possibilities,  together with the ITSM Module makes it an easy-to-adopt product out of the box.

Sometimes, though, when the basic features are not enough, more complex customization is needed. This is possible with the exhaustive OTRS developer API. This is a collection of objects and functions which permit easy customization of potentially all aspects of the system. The OTRS team developed a full set of developer tools  which allow to package the extension or plugin in such manner, that its deployment will be easy and painless.

Here at Wuerth Phoenix we have started delivering OTRS customization though the package mechanism. The customization will be available as a opm, a self contained package, containing xml-encoded files, as well as any other needed configuration.

Typical customization include custom views, custom ticket insertion forms, complex workflow implementations, personalized statistics, and many more!

As an example, we have implemented a module which allows to associate Customer Companies directly to OTRS Services, thus without having to go through all the customer users of a given company to associate ITSM Service and SLA settings. We will talk specifically about the package in a next post !