Notifications on critical business elements

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The Business Services monitoring module of NetEye has been designed to  obtain a higher abstraction level to define IT Services. It allows to configure  the dependencies of the IT services with the infrastructure components. In this  way it is also possible to simulate the business impact that for instance a  server anomaly will have on the service level generating accurate reports on  the availability of the business processes (often needed for the Service Level  Agreements).

I have recently developed a new enhancement for this module to facilitate the identification of the business element that is causing a certain anomaly by inserting the corresponding information directly in the notification message. Till now in case of notification of critical business services, in fact it was not possible to identify immediately the business element that was originating the alarm, but it was necessary to navigate through the business services to detect the cause.

What has been recently done is that if the business services are grouped in a business group (setting that can be performed in the Business service configuration module) than in the notification message for critical situations it will be visualized not only the business service in status critical but also the related business elements that are causing the inefficiency.

In this way you can easily and quickly determine the source of the criticality and find a proper solution by analyzing the correct business element.
This new feature will be available in the next minor of NetEye (versione 3.4).

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New OTRS add-ons: drop down from DB and text area from DB

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In OTRS it is not possible to retrieve data from external DB, for this reason I have recently developed two new add-ons able to query directly on a database at runtime to fill in “possible values”. These add-ons are two new instances of dynamic fields in OTRS 3.1.x: a drop down from DB and a text area from DB.

Thanks to this implementation it is possible to configure the query with specific parameters extracted from other fields/dynamic fields at runtime (for example during the creation of a new phone ticket or on the split of a ticket). The query is performed using the build-in OTRS cache, so every parameter will be retrieved from the cache itself.

Another useful feature is, for instance, that if in the environment there is installed the OTRSTicketMaskExtension add-on you can also manage the dependences among the fields in the same way as using ACL.

A possible scenario in which the add-on can be used is – for example – if you want to display a field with a list of assets from the GLPI database. During the creation of a phone-ticket for an hardware failure it is posible to select all the “possible values” that are listed depending on the specified customer and asset.

If you need more information on these add-ons, feel free to contact us through the blog. 😉

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SyslogView Fix release 2.0.5

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Fix release announcement for NetEye SyslogView and the SyslogView Search engine.

SyslogView specific fixes:

– Add a new SAFED nagios monitoring template. This can be used for an alternative SAFED configuration together with the main monitoring definition
– Fix some JS DOM ID registrations
– Add statistics regex to match “Eventlog corruption”

SyslogView Search specific:

– CVS export: The filter i.e. “FAILED events” was not respected for CSV export
– Added support for HOUR-H_i, HOUR-M_i, HOUR-S_i tags in templates, when the default HOUR_s (HH:MM:SS) is not enough.
The default HOUR_s will still take precedence over the new splitted tags, and if not present, it will be computed
using the new one only if all three are present.

Version Release:
neteye-syslogview Vers: 2.0.5
neteye-syslogview-search Vers: 1.2.5

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NetEye Mobile 1.2

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Update Release of the mobile environment for Neteye:

– Problem view: Shows related Host for the selected Service problem
– Action Launchpad integration: Action run and results view formatting improved
– Business Process browsing:  Browsing for nested BPs
– Added intelligece for showing options available in specific context

Release version: 1.2
Release status: Release candidate

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