Job Execution control with new ActionLaunchpad features

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The project of integrating the control of Job execution on remote As400 systems was introduced by my colleague in this article. A job process check verifies the number of executing jobs and more important: the failed Jobs.

A next step of this project consisted in the implementation of a control panel, that can be used by a external operator to react on events of failure. For this purpose the ActionLaunchpad of NetEye is a good place to configure a Panel of “operations” that can be called on demand.

For a better operation and to reduce the possibility of errors new features have been introduced:

First it is now possible to make use of Variables that can be filled in on run-time of the command. Nagios-like names were used to simplify the understanding: i.e. to make use of the IP address of a remote host in the command we introduced “$HOSTADDRESS$”. This assigns dynamically the address for each host for which the command is run. $ARG1$, $ARG2$, etc, are used to make use of variables.

Command Definition

For a better understanding, the definition of a simple command for reading a file is shown. The name of the files could be defined as free text or from predefined values from a drop-down box. In addition a configurable link allows to provide also the help context.

Another new feature represents the possibility of grouping: Such “command definitions” can be assigned to a group and each group could be nested again into subgroups. This could be used to create geographical but also organizational or technological bindings.

Command call dialog

In the case of our mentioned project, the operator has now the possibility to choose among a limited list parameters needed for the execution of the Job.
In this case it is possible to ensure the execution with the right values.

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