Jon “maddog” Hall confirmed as keynote speaker at the OSSMC

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“Champion of Free Software and Free Culture”, ”Open Source-Pioneer”, IT-Visionary”. There are many associations with Jon “maddog” Hall, who will held the keynote at the OSSM Conference in April. He without doubt can be called a legend in the Open Source scene, so it’s truly an honor to have his participation at our Conference in April.

About Jon

“If I had the choice between Satan, George W. Bush and Software Patents I would choose Satan!” (2005)

“If I had the choice between Satan, George W. Bush and Software Patents I would choose Satan!”
Jon “maddog” Hall in 2005

For decades Jon “maddog” Hall has been one of the highest profile advocates for free and Open Source software. Working in the computer industry since 1969, he has been a programmer, product manager, systems designer, systems administrator and worked for companies such as Western Electric Corporation, Bell Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, VA Linux Systems or SGI.  

Known also as Executive Director of Linux International and independent IT-mentor he has consulted with the governments of China, Malaysia and Brazil as well as the United Nations and many local and state governments on the use of Free and Open Source Software.

Non profit activities

Regarding several non profit activities, Jon is the CTO and Ambassador for VizzEco, a Canadian firm that is involved with bringing environmentally friendly computing to emerging marketplaces. At the moment he is also leading the Project Caua, which aims to promote more efficient computing following the thin client/server model, while creating up to two million privately-funded high-tech jobs in Brazil, and another three to four million in the rest of Latin America.

The early bird catches the worm

The future of Open Source – the future of the software industry in general – what about the recent strategies in the field of IT System Management? To see Jon and one of his legendary speeches, just confirm your participation yet today, it´s free. The final program will be available within the next days. To see the complete speakers list, go directly to the Conference page.

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“Enterprise Request Information” The launch of the new IT Service Management suite EriZone

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With EriZone we are proud to present you our new IT Service Management offer based on OTRS, the leading Open Source Help Desk and Ticketing solution. EriZone develops and manages IT service processes following the best practices provided by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Cost optimization, the focus on critical business processes and on customers’ requirements are forming the offer’s basis.

The solution has already been proven in the market and adopted for example by the well-known Fashion brand Diesel to manage the service requests for all worldwide subsidiaries of the Group. “EriZone aims to provide a concrete, quantifiable value for the business by offering the ability to implement a continuous processes improvement for IT services”, says Georg , our ITSM mastermind and head of the EriZone development team.

Fully Open Source, OTRS as basic platform

Basically EriZone is predicated on OTRS, the worldwide leading Open Source Service Desk and ticketing system allowing to efficiently manage the user service requests for the IT services (which most of you might already know). EriZone actually largely amplifies the OTRS Help Desk’s functional spectrum, by including a set of new functionalities for the Service Desk, by implementing the Access Management processes and by enhanced features in the area of Service Operation. Requests therefore can be easily categorized, assigned with the right priorities and flexibly managed in a completely transparent way.

“We have realized that in most of the companies up to 60% of the IT resources are employed in administrative operations to support the systems and the various applications. EriZone addresses exactly this situation and has already proven to be an effective tool, able to increase the efficiency in the delivery of IT services through the implementation of structured processes. Even in the case of the project activities, through the integrated Change Management workflows, the system proves to be an essential support for the organizations”, adds Georg.

ITIL certified consultancy

An important asset of the new solution in our opinion is not at least the quality of the consulting offer. Our development and consulting team does in fact disposes of  up to 15 years of familiarity with the implementation of ITIL oriented IT Service Management processes. Experience shows that there are many IT departments that would like to implement an IT Service Management strategy by following ITIL standards. But it is not always immediately clear how to realize these processes. “Many companies are seeking to optimize the IT processes, but usually the IT is linked to several departments and an effective cooperation is not always so easy to be achieved. EriZone helps the companies to manage the IT processes across all organizational levels, aligning them with the real needs of the business in order to facilitate its market evolution” , explains Georg.

EriZone will be officially launched the CeBIT in Hannover/Germany from the 10th to the 14th of March 2014 at the Open Source Park, in Hall 5, Block E16, Stand 313. Free tickets can directly been requested at . We´re looking forward to see you there.

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