[Update] Patch Released ! – LogManager (ex. SysLogView) zipping error of archived logfiles

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To avoid a similar problem the next time change from winter to summer time ( i.e. CET to CEST )  a fix release has been published, backported for NetEye release 3.4.

  • Update for NetEye 3.4 will be neteye-syslogview 2.1.9
  • Users of NetEye 3.5 will apply this fix together with other UI improvements and a better Log Remove management: There the Version is 3.1.

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Unfortunately the LogManager Application (ex. SysLogView pre 3.5) has a problem when zipping the archived logfiles on Monday after the change to Central European Summer Time and does *not* zip the files on this day. One has just to re-execute the procedure during the day (/var/lib/neteye/plugins/nesyslogview/scripts/rsyslog_store.sh -c store && /var/lib/neteye/plugins/nesyslogview/scripts/statistics_pdfReport.sh) on a root shell or call the NetEye Support for help. Sorry for the problem we are working on a definitive soltution for the next year summertime change.


If you are being notified about this issue by a NetEye notification like this: LogManager – NOT ZIPPED LOG FILE, then you have to acknowledge the event in the Event Console in order to dismiss the message.

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CeBIT 2015 – Update

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Today is the last day of this year’s CeBIT – it was a great time and we met a lot of interesting people.

We want to thank our partners Luca Deri from ntop and Remo Rickli from NeDi for their participation and are looking forward to further collaborations.

ntop founder Luca Deri dedicates his speech to packet-to-disk recording
ntop founder Luca Deri dedicates his speech to packet-to-disk recording
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New version of EriZone (3.1.9)

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EriZone 3.1.9 available

New version of EriZone (3.1.9) is now available for the download:

Feature Lists

EriZone DataWarehouse:

  • Eri_TicketAggregatedTime:
  1. New parameter to include also child tickets in the calculation
  2. New Columns: MinBeforeFirstSplit, IsChild, ParentTicketID (first parent),ParentTicketNumber (first parent)
  • Eri_TicketAggregatedTimeonline:
  1. Same parameters as Eri_TicketAggregatedTime
  2. It extracts similar information as Eri_ TicketAggregatedTime for ticket with states: new, open,pending reminder and pending auto.
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CeBIT 2015: First impressions!

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CeBIT 2015: The Würth Phoenix stand in the Open Source Park
CeBIT 2015: The Würth Phoenix stand in the Open Source Park
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NetEye Reporting with new Top Flow Statistics and Top In/Out Flows

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With the version 2.1 of our NetEye Reporting tool comming with NetEye 3.5 we introduced two new and very interesting features regarding the analysis of NetFlow statistics of your network.

First of all, for those who are not very familiar with NetFlow, it is a functionality which allows you to capture IP network traffic of your nBoxes. The traffic is collected as it comes in your network interface. Using tools like Nfdump the network flows can be exported and analyzed.

So, what we introduced in our new and innovative reporting tool was to offer you the possibility to display NetFlow statistics within the specified time frames directly on your reports. You can find these two new sections entering the edit mode of a report and adding one of them.

The Top Flow Statistics section shows you the biggest flows in a specific time frame in descending order according to the Bytes column. Additionally to the size of the flow it shows also the IP network protocol, the source and destination IP addresses and the source and destination ports. This feature lets you analyze and identify the biggest flows in that time frame, which influences most the network traffic.

Using the Top In/Out Flows section the report lets you analyze the network flows aggregated by their network protocols and ordered by their byte percentage. The section shows the aggregated flows in two line charts, one for the incoming flows and one for the outgoing ones.

Additionally it shows also the details of the aggregated flows inside two tables next to the charts ordered by their percentage of bytes, again separated in input and output flows.

Remember that if you are not happy with the predefined time periods like last 24 hour or last 7 days or also a specific month you can always use the custom time period selector which lets you choose the start and end date and time according to your specific needs.

Or you have also the possibility to specify the time periods directly inside the settings of the two new sections, which can be in almost any common format.

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