The OSSMC 2015

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A big thank you to all participants, speakers, sponsors and all those who contributed to the organization of the OSSMC 2015. Hope to see you soon again!

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GLPI Plugin UPDATE: Automatic Recognition of network devices and their modules

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There are some important new features available regarding the GLPI Plugin about which I wrote in my earlier article Automatic Recognition: Network Devices and their Modules. As described in that post, the GLPI Plugin, which is available since version 3.5 of NetEye, permits the automatic recognition and administration of all your network devices. The plugin includes the recognition of all components and their properties (through NeDi), as well as the management of the corresponding contracts and other administrative data (through GLPI).

But now, let’s talk about the news:

1. Advanced Search for Network Devices and their Modules

The new version 1.0 of the GLPI Plugin allows advanced abilities in terms of listing and searching for network devices. Until now, you had the possibility to seach for associated contracts, but now you can even link to installed modules within the network device view. Vice versa in the chassis view you can link to the corresponding modules.

GLPI: Auflistung der Netzwerkgeräte mit Suchtreffern nach Netzwerkmodul "Power Supply"

Listing of the network devices with search hits “Power Supply” on their network modules

GLPI: Auflistung der Module mit Chassis Verknüpfung

Listing of modules with associated chassis

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First impressions of the OSSMC 2015

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For all those who were there or followed the event via live-stream – we hope you enjoyed yesterday’s conference. We put together some first pictures!

The video archive with each single presentation will follow soon!

ntop founder Luca Deri dedicates his speech to packet-to-disk recording
ntop founder Luca Deri dedicates his speech to packet-to-disk recording
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A big Thank You also to our sponsors, who supported our event!


Open Source System Managment Conference 2015 - Sponsors

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Updated package neteye-eventhandler-1.3.6-1

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  • API: add possibility for custom Actions
  • API: custom Nagios livestatus socket
  • Added /var/log/neteye/eventhandler-web.log in order to debug testing in webui
  • EventConsole Action:
  • increase “set severity minutes” attribute max value to 60 * 24 * 365
  • increase “autoclose cycles” attribute max value to 1000
  • fix bug in EventConsole Action that prevented correct inserting of events
  • fix apache configuration that permits access to a natted http (with different port as 80)
  • fix messageconsole action migration from traphandler
  • fix setting of traphandle setting when another setting was choosen
  • fix bug: handle lines with empty values in traps
  • fix bug: Ticket #3: heartbeat traps without matched variables- MONITORINGHOST var is set to:
  1. search if HOSTIP is present in address, if not
  2. search if TRAPHOST is present in address, if not
  3. search if SIMPLEHOSTNAME is present in address
  4. if all fails, set TRAPHOST
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