[FOSDEM 2016] Impressions of Day 1

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On Friday finally we arrived at Brussels! Thomas, Luca and I started our trip to visit the FOSDEM 2016 conference at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Our aim is to improve our skills in various sectors of the IT world and to inform us about news, which can be used to improve our products at Würth Phoenix. Here some of the most interesting talks at the conference and some impressions of them. We will give you a more detailed summary about the conference as soon as we are back in Bolzano.

  • Python tips, tricks and dark magic
  • Single-pass Graph Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink
  • MySQL 5.7 & JSON
  • What’s new in MySQL 5.7?
  • Testing complex software in CI
  • Jenkins as a Code
  • Designers Vs developers
  • How to properly blame things for causing latency
  • TokuDB in 15 Minutes, What You Need to Know
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EriZone 3.5 Has Been Released!

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Major Enhancements

Advanced Service Dispatcher

The well-liked Service Dispatcher has got a new ‘Advanced’ mode. Several features have been added to enable finer filtering and allowing to take control over the execution order. This allows having the minimal possible amount of Service Dispatchers for every environment.


  • Filtering by the value of a specified Dynamic Field
  • Filtering Services with Regular Expression
  • Company independent Service Dispatchers

Execution Order

  • Manual configuration of Service Dispatcher execution order


  • Backwards compatibility with Classic Service Dispatcher
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NetEye Log Management on the official Elastic Blog

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NetEye Elastic Story

Thanks to the integration of the Elastic Stack to our NetEye Log Management, we established a professional relationship to Elasticsearch BV. Today we are very proud to announce that the history behind our NetEye Log Management was published on the official Elastic blog.

Our business unit manager Georg Kostner, describes the market requirements, which led us to the development of the NetEye Log Management, and explains how it was extended over the years. Furthermore, he provides a detailed description to the role of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (Elastic Stack) and a first insight developments planned for the future.

Check out the full article on the Elastic blog.

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Tag Special Events on your Baseline

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As you already may know, we have introduced several new features in the version 1.9 of our Real User Experience, such as the history feature in the Configuration, the custom time periods on the dashboard and the flexible filters in Analyze.

Another new and very useful feature introduced in the latest release is the event tagging functionality. Suppose you are introducing some improvements on your web services, or you have changed some network equipment to improve your network. Or another scenario could be that you are upgrading some servers or applications, hoping that they are running better and faster than the old versions. After implementation of that changes you would like to check what are the real effects which the changes had on your network performance, i.e. whether it has really improved the user experience or not.

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