Disk Space 1

As you already know, from version 3.6 we’ve integrated the Elastic Stack (consisting of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) to the NetEye Log Management.

This integration provides a lot of additional possibilities for log analysis, log correlation, dashboard creations, etc.

Furthermore, it allows to store the collected logs for different periods, which wasn’t possible on prior NetEye versions.

Your NetEye Log Management receives all logs created in your company (Windows Eventlog, Linux Syslogs, Firewall Access logs, VPN logs, etc.). With its filters, Logstash indexes all data and writes them into the Elasticsearch Index Database of the NetEye Log Management.

Now imagine you are collecting logs of 95 systems and together they produce an average of 1000 events per second with peaks of nearly 3000 events per second. These systems produce every day at least 90 GByte of index data on your disk. I think I don’t have to go into further detail to show the importance of optimizing the disk space from time to time =)