Hand simple tasks over to Alyvix. In this way, you will be able to save precious working hours and in turn, to invest your precious time in more important activities.

Automation of repeating tasks with Alyvix

Alyvix has been designed to simulate real user inputs or actions, to check if an application runs correctly and to register its performance values in order to compare past and actual application performance values. Through such comparisons, it is possible to detect application performance degradations (for example after an update).

Since such simulations turned out to be a good thing, it came to my mind to use Alyvix also to execute repeated tasks, which otherwise an employee had to do. Do you know what I mean? Let me explain it through a real life example:

A company uses a kiosk software through which information for the employees are displayed on several monitors distributed throughout the company. After each reboot of the hosts’ operating system, it is necessary to insert the login parameters for being able to use the kiosk system. Six of these kiosks were rebooted every night and an employee had to access and to insert the authentications every single morning. (let’s say he takes 10 minutes every morning, that would then be 10 minutes x 260 working days = 2.600 minutes = around 43 hours = more than one working week!!!)

As I have seen this situation, I proposed to define an Alyvix test case that inserts the authentication after each restart of the application. And so we did.

The Alyvix test case is now automatically started by the kiosk system after the application has been started. Then Alyvix “magically” authenticates and the application is available to the collaborators. No human interactions is required anymore.

The best thing about this, is that such a simple, but anyway time consuming because recurring (one could say “stupid) task, which an employee had to do every single day, could be handed over to Alyvix.

Do you have similar tasks to do every day, which just consume your precious time? Then maybe Alyvix is the right solution to help you being able to invest your time in more important activities.


Juergen Vigna

Juergen Vigna

NetEye Solution Architect at Würth Phoenix
I have over 20 years of experience in the IT branch. After first experiences in the field of software development for public transport companies, I finally decided to join the young and growing team of Würth Phoenix. Initially, I was responsible for the internal Linux/Unix infrastructure and the management of CVS software. Afterwards, my main challenge was to establish the meanwhile well-known IT System Management Solution WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye. As a Product Manager I started building NetEye from scratch, analyzing existing open source models, extending and finally joining them into one single powerful solution. After that, my job turned into a passion: Constant developments, customer installations and support became a matter of personal. Today I use my knowledge as a NetEye Senior Consultant as well as NetEye Solution Architect at Würth Phoenix.
Juergen Vigna
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