The PDF printing functionality has been improved with the last version of EriZone 5.1. It is now possible to print to PDF all images and html included in the ticket. In this way the generated / printed PDF becomes a true copy of the original ticket that can be used in different offline scenarios.  For instance, sometimes it’s useful to have a hard (printed) copy of the ticket to hand in a report to meeting participants.

Here is a simple example of a welcome ticket composed of tree articles:

Improved Printing functionality in EriZone 5.1

As usually – simply press the print-button and the PDF document will be generated:

Improved Printing

It is possible to test the improved PDF printing functionality on the EriZone demo. >> Go to the EriZone online demo 

If you are interested in the complete list of improvements included in EriZone 5.1 read this article.




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