The service catalogue is a focal point in ITIL, and often it is even the starting point for ITSM implementation. EriZone is an ITSM tool that fully supports Service Catalogue Management. With the recently released verion 5.1 of EriZone the service catalogue has become multilingual to face the requirements of multinational service providers and their customers.

EriZone 5.1 - Service Catalogue Translation 1

Fig.1. Multilingual Service Catalogue

With EriZone 5.1 the service translation is available on customer side and on agent side. The services are translated depending on the language settings in the customer/agent preferences.

On agent side:

EriZone 5.1 - Service Catalogue Translation 2

Fig.2. Agent frontend: new ticket form

On customer side:

EriZone 5.1 - Service Catalogue Translation 3

Fig.3. Customer frontend: new ticket form

In order to have the services translated, the full service name should be mapped in the EriZone language files (Kernel/Language/ ex. Kernel/Language/

EriZone 5.1 - Service Catalogue Translation 4

The service translation will be attempted from left to right. In the above reported example, if there are sub-services of ‘IT Services::[002] Network’ whose full name is not translated, the parent part will be translated anyway (see Fig.1.).



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