Alyvix Training - Synthetic Application Monitoring

Synthetic Application Monitoring:

Allows monitoring applications from the user’s point of view by simulating transaction sequences, followed by the measurement and recording of the perceived performance data.

Would you like to be independent from subjective statements as “application XY is slow” or outage indications from your users? In this case, the concept of synthetic application monitoring and the corresponding monitoring tool Alyvix are right for you. If you are interested to get to know this concept and tool, the Synthetic Monitoring Training offered by Würth Phoenix might be the right choice.

Synthetic Monitoring Training 2017

13th to 14th June – Bolzano/Italy

20th to 21st June – Niedernhall/Germany

After introducing the basic principles and objectives of the active monitoring approach and especially the concept of synthetic monitoring, the training will guide you through the installation and configuration of  Alyvix. Besides the theoretical part, it will mainly be an instructor-led training, incorporating real-world examples and the creation of your first test cases. After the training, you will be independent in the usage of Alyvix >> detailed agenda


The objectives of this training are to introduce you to the world of synthetic monitoring and to make you independent in the usage of Alyvix.


Whether you have already installed and tested Alyvix or you are just at the very beginning of its usage, this course will teach you how to successfully install, configure, and optimize your deployment and how to create your individual test cases. Coding skills are not required!

Organisational information:

The Italian training takes place from 13th to 14th June 2017, at the  Würth Phoenix Training Center, Via Kravogl 4, in 39100 Bolzano. (The training is hold in Italian, the required material and the certification exam are in English)

The German training takes place from 20th to 21st June 2017, at the  Würth IT GmbH, Gewerbepark Waldzimmern, Würth Straße 2 in 74676 Niedernhall. (The training is hold in German, the required material and the certification exam are in English)

20% early booking discount for participants who do the booking up to 1 month prior to the start of the course.


Julia Helfer

Julia Helfer

Product Marketing Manager at Würth Phoenix
Hi there! After having finished my studies at the Free University of Bolzano and several (very different) working experiences, I joined Würth Phoenix some years ago. Now I'm responsible for the product marketing of our solutions NetEye, EriZone and Alyvix.
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