Nutanix Monitoring with NetEye

Doing my work as monitoring consultant, I often have to monitor Nutanix systems on customer site. Nutanix is a integrated systems vendor that produces a hyper-converged storage system called “Virtual Computing Platform”.

It is quiet easy to monitor the Nutanix system and with NetEye you will be able to get the best results and visualization possibilities.

You will monitor the Nutanix system by using the SNMP protocol:

First, you have to enable the SNMP protocol on the Nutanix site. Then you can use the from the Nagios exchange website. Implement this plugin on the NetEye solution and you can for example actively monitor clusterIops, cluster latency, and so on. For getting working this plugin, you have to load the Nutanix MIB’s on the NetEye system.

On the NetEye system the performance data output of the Nutanix checks will be automatically loaded into the influx database, in this way you are able to visualize the data on a Grafana dashboard.

See picture:

Nutanix Monitoring 2

Furthermore, you can enable on the Nutanix system the SNMP trap alerting. As destination host, you configure the NetEye server. Afterwards, you have to configure the NetEye Eventhandler to collect the SNMP Trap events from Nutanix, which change the state of a passive NetEye check. With this alerting possibility, you are able to monitor special events, which you are not monitoring actively.

On the following picture, you can see possible active checks and the passive check for the SNMP trap alerting:

Nutanix Monitoring 1

Finally, you can see that with the NetEye solution you are able to do active monitoring, passive monitoring and you will get a very contemporary view of the performance data with the Grafana and Influx integration into NetEye.



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