“Is there any way to speed up opening new tickets?”

This is a typical question new EriZone customers ask during project implementation. The reason is quite obvious: If you have a large Service Desk team that is opening several hundred tickets each day, every second counts. Especially in situations where the resolution time is critical, a shortcut for quickly selecting service, category, and potentially other fields may be of great advantage.

Thanks to an additional configuration which will be available starting with EriZone 5.2, you will be able to add the menu item “Ticket Template”. This new option will allow you to add and configure this item within the webpage itself. Once a template has been created, the agent will be able to use that template to create a new ticket. The form that appears will contain the predefined content inside the corresponding fields. Then the agent just has to fill in the remaining fields in order to create the new ticket.

Depending on the groups an agent belongs to, he will see a different set of templates. For example, agents in the group “ServiceDesk_Template_G” will see templates different from those available for members of the group “Network”.

Below you can see an example of a ticket regarding a malfunction of the email service.

new ticket email malfunction

The groups that are allowed to see the different templates are managed in Sysconfig. Additionally, in the field “Link”, you can set the content of the fields that should be pre-filled.

sysconfig ticket template

Through the query string, it will also be possible to insert other data like customer user, service, category, SLA, subject, message body, queue, and owner.

Gabriele Cecco

Gabriele Cecco

EriZone Consultant at Würth Phoenix
For several years I have been managing processes with trouble ticket systems. After having worked with some of those, EriZone impressed me for its features and flexibility, so I moved with my wife from Piedmont to South Tyrol to become part of the Würth Phoenix System Integration team as EriZone Consultant. I spend my free time travelling, exploring my new neighborhood, or if I have to stay at home I binge-watch tv series.
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