More and more often I’ve needed to integrate an Oracle Exadata system with NetEye Monitoring.  The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is a combined compute and storage system marketed for running Oracle Database software.

The best way to integrate the Oracle Exadata system is to use SNMP Trap alerting.  Then, it depends on your particular Oracle installation whether you are using only the Exadata System or also the Oracle Enterprise Manager.  If you are only using the Exadata system, you can configure your alerts on it and send them via SNMP alerting to NetEye.  If you are also using the Enterprise Manager, you can first configure the alerts on the Oracle Enterprise Manager before configuring SNMP Trap alerting to send the alerts to NetEye.

On NetEye, you only need to use the NetEye Eventhandler to create different rules for collecting and interpreting the Traps from these Oracle systems.  Perhaps now you are thinking, why should I integrate the Oracle Exadata System with the NetEye monitoring system, when Oracle has its own methods for setting SNMP Traps in the Exadata Server and the Oracle Enterprise Manager?

The answer is quite simple.  By using Neteye Monitoring, you can integrate your entire IT infrastructure with the monitoring system.  In this way you will have a single GUI to check for alerts across your IT environment.  Furthermore, you will be able to use the Neteye Reporting and Business Process modules to calculate your service levels and availabilities.

Last but not least, with the Grafana module on NetEye you can create contemporary and intuitive dashboards for analyzing problems and statistics on your IT infrastructure.



Consultant at Würth Phoenix
I’m Tobias and work as SI Consultant on different fields, for commercial products like VMware, Microsoft, Citrix but also for opensource projects like Nagios, OCS Inventory, GLPI NagVis, ntop and the best practice standard ITIL. I have also some certifications for this kind of activities which helps me to improve my activity on the job. I like to introduce the best solutions for the customer necessaries independently if it is a commercial or free product. One of my favorite hobbies is playing in the local music for wind band. As I live in the mountains I love hiking and last but not least I try to spend much of my free time with my family.