EriZone 5.1: Improved ticket printing functionality

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The PDF printing functionality has been improved with the last version of EriZone 5.1. It is now possible to print to PDF all images and html included in the ticket. In this way the generated / printed PDF becomes a true copy of the original ticket that can be used in different offline scenarios.  For instance, sometimes it’s useful to have a hard (printed) copy of the ticket to hand in a report to meeting participants.

Here is a simple example of a welcome ticket composed of tree articles:

Improved Printing functionality in EriZone 5.1

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EriZone 5.1: Service Catalogue Translation

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The service catalogue is a focal point in ITIL, and often it is even the starting point for ITSM implementation. EriZone is an ITSM tool that fully supports Service Catalogue Management. With the recently released verion 5.1 of EriZone the service catalogue has become multilingual to face the requirements of multinational service providers and their customers.

EriZone 5.1 - Service Catalogue Translation 1

Fig.1. Multilingual Service Catalogue

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EriZone 3.6 has been released!

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service management and process automation


  • Filtered ticket-view for service owner, manager and service watcher: service owners can see only tickets opened of services on which they have the owner role.
  • Restricted company-ticket-view to available services: customer can see only tickets relative to services they were enabled to. [more details here]
  • Filter services shown to agents: realize multi-tenancy based on services.
  • Add service link to CIs in CMDB.
  • Activity Sequence Management: it is possible to link activities to each other creating activity sequences [more details here]
  • Budget Management Enhancements: budget templates have been introduced in order to allow fast budget structure creation. [more details here]
  • Enhanced approval process with simple approval from mobile device.
  • Mechanism to propagate dynamic field values from parent- to child-tickets and vice-versa
  • TicketAggregatedTime report enhancement: now it is possible to select opening or closure date and to restrict the report to selected queues.
  • CMDB interface enhancements: SIM Card interface.
  • Dynamic ACL to hide activities for processes with open children.
  • Allow follow-ups for closed tickets for a certain time period.
  • Agent notification follow-up article type: follow-ups sent from agents by email can be set as internal and not visible to customers. [more details here]
  • Tickets created from a follow-up of a closed ticket can now have the same queue, service and type set.
  • Change the customer of a ticket depending on a dynamic field value.
  • JIRA interface: now it is possible to create JIRA issues starting from EriZone tickets. All changes to a JIRA issue will be tracked in the corresponding EriZone ticket.
  • New generic agent that notifies for tickets created outside of working time
  • New generic agent that sets the priority of tickets for customers in selected groups (VIPs)
  • New process transition action “ChildTicketCreate” to create child tickets with a variety of parameters to change customer, create specific articles, copy fields from the parent ticket, start a process, etc. It allows e.g. a simpler creation of authorization processes.
  • New process transition actions useful for process management:
    • Set ticket creator as owner
    • Lock and set owner
    • Copy dynamic fields from a child ticket to its parent
  • Enhancements for dynamic fields from DB and ITSM dynamic fields
  • New dashboard for parent tickets with closed children and a counter of open children.
  • Possibility to translate services on the customer web portal

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Preview EriZone 3.6: Follow-up Agent Notifications

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Internal notes on tickets

In many cases, agents who are working on a certain ticket need to discuss about the actual issue with other colleagues. EriZone 3.6 that will be shortly released allows adding private notes to a ticket. Since, such notes are for internal use only and of no interest for the customer, they are visible just to the agents logged to the system.

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Preview EriZone 3.6: Reduce company ticket view to accessible services

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Within EriZone, customers can visualize their own tickets (though “My Tickets” view) and all the tickets created from other employees of their company (though “Company Tickets” view) in the Customer Web Self-Service Portal.

In order to restrict the view to those company tickets, which concern the available services for the logged customer, a new filter will be introduced with the release of EriZone 3.6. By enabling this filter in SysConfig, no company ticket for not assigned services can be seen.

Img.1: SysConfig parameter

Img.1: SysConfig parameter

Real Life Example:

Let us suppose that two “customers”, hence employees, have different services enabled. Let’s consider the two customers/employees “mihail.marinov” and “testuser”:

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