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21. 03. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Process Activity Dialog Links for Common Ticket Actions

OTRS and EriZone are widely used as trouble ticketing systems. They have a rich set of standard common ticket actions used for ticket management. Some common actions are used for ticket classification – “Priority and Services”, “Additional ITSM Fields”, “Queue” – others for role assignment – “Owner”, “Customer” – still others for communication – “Note”,… Read More

07. 03. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.3 packages Updates

EriZoneCore-5.3.7.opm Typo errors EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement-5.3.7.opm Radius authentication characters accepted (EZ-743) Put ‘|’ as a separator for multi values in and (EZ-744) EriZoneTheme-5.3.7.opm Error text messages not readable under Ticket Notification Management (WD-546) Wrong width for Date field on customer interface (WD-551) Customer FAQ box bad style (WD-547) CustomerPanelCreateAccount not working (WD-549) Customer-side To field… Read More

22. 01. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Ticket Templates Based on Selected Service and Category

EriZone 5.3 introduced new templates based on selected service and category. Those templates are used in the new Quick Ticket functionality, but can also be reused in all ticket creating masks. So once the service and category have been selected, the subject and/or the body can be pre-filled with the data of the template. In… Read More

14. 11. 2017 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

EriZone to EriZone communication via web services

The Generic Interface (GI) is an OTRS framework that allows EriZone5 to communicate with other systems via web service. The communication can be bidirectional: EriZone5 can act both as a service provider and/or as a service requestor. You can use the GI to define a “Webservice” and to configure its behavior as a requestor and/or… Read More

03. 11. 2017 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Quick ticket creation by image toolbar

With this new EriZone functionality (which will be available in the next EriZone version 5.3) customers can open a ticket with only a few clicks. The new ticket creation process is based on intuitive images, which should lead the customer to finish the process in just a few steps.

10. 05. 2017 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

EriZone 5.1: Improved ticket printing functionality

The PDF printing functionality has been improved with the last version of EriZone 5.1. It is now possible to print to PDF all images and html included in the ticket. In this way the generated / printed PDF becomes a true copy of the original ticket that can be used in different offline scenarios.  For… Read More

10. 05. 2017 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

EriZone 5.1: Service Catalogue Translation

The service catalogue is a focal point in ITIL, and often it is even the starting point for ITSM implementation. EriZone is an ITSM tool that fully supports Service Catalogue Management. With the recently released verion 5.1 of EriZone the service catalogue has become multilingual to face the requirements of multinational service providers and their customers.

17. 01. 2017 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, Release Notes

EriZone 3.6 has been released!

Enhancements Filtered ticket-view for service owner, manager and service watcher: service owners can see only tickets opened of services on which they have the owner role. Restricted company-ticket-view to available services: customer can see only tickets relative to services they were enabled to. [more details here] Filter services shown to agents: realize multi-tenancy based on services…. Read More

22. 12. 2016 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Preview EriZone 3.6: Follow-up Agent Notifications

In many cases, agents who are working on a certain ticket need to discuss about the actual issue with other colleagues. EriZone 3.6 that will be shortly released allows adding private notes to a ticket. Since, such notes are for internal use only and of no interest for the customer, they are visible just to… Read More

15. 12. 2016 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Preview EriZone 3.6: Reduce company ticket view to accessible services

Within EriZone, customers can visualize their own tickets (though “My Tickets” view) and all the tickets created from other employees of their company (though “Company Tickets” view) in the Customer Web Self-Service Portal. In order to restrict the view to those company tickets, which concern the available services for the logged customer, a new filter… Read More

30. 11. 2016 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Preview EriZone 3.6: Budget Management Enhancements

EriZone 3.6, which will be released at the end of this year, comes up with some enhancement concerning the budget management module.

16. 11. 2016 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Preview EriZone 3.6: Activity Sequence Management

With EriZone 3.6, which will be released at the end of this year, new features regarding the Activity Management will be introduced. Activity tickets created in the context of Access Management can now be linked to each other to create a sequence. After that, the order of fulfillment of these activity tickets will respect the created… Read More

30. 06. 2016 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

EriZone Security Advisory

The new package FAQ 2.3.6 has been published in the EriZone repositories to overcome the OSA-2016-01 Information Disclosure Vulnerability. The package has been published for the EriZone releases 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 You can update the FAQ package if you are using it following the sequence: Update the Package Manager repository information and upgrade the… Read More

06. 05. 2016 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, Release Notes

EriZone 3.5.2 Has Been Released!

Enhancements New postmaster filter for unknown emails: it is possible to assign a CustomerID for unknown emails based on the email domain, and fully configurable. Optionally, also a new customer could be created representing this email address. New Transition action that enables process tickets to copy dynamic field values to a child and back is… Read More

03. 12. 2015 MarinovMihail Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog

Trace Windows Administrators Login Activities with Safed

Sometimes it is required to trace login/logoff activities of the administrator in order to be compliant with legal guidelines or simply for security reasons (see also our article “What to do with all those logs“). The Safed agent for Windows can be easily configured to collect administrator’s login/logoff. The agent is deployed with some administrator discovery commands,… Read More