Hyper-V monitoring: Here’s some tips!

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Network traffic monitoring is traditionally based on SNMP queries. This protocol generates statistics on the transmission of data across one or more network interfaces.

While network device queries still run through SNMP, using Microsoft Hyper-V monitoring requires the adoption of other approaches. One of the reasons is the network connection configuration itself: for example, many physical network interfaces of a Hyper-V device belong to a logical interface that can also distribute network traffic to multiple network devices, such as multiple switches. Another reason for using an alternative approach is that Microsoft has abandoned the maintenance of SNMP services on their operating systems.

Consider a physical network with the following configuration: a physical Hyper-V host has two active physical network connections that are connected to the network via two switches.

Esempio di cablaggio di una rete fisica

Example of a physical network

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SAP Monitoring: Experiences with SAPControl and check_SAP_health

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SAP Monitoring_v2

On SAP systems there are mapped business processes, which are critical for the organization. Therefore, special monitoring requirements arise. Not just the infrastructure has to be monitored, but also application layers, job executions and failures. It is crucial to understand where problems accumulate, which over time could lead to serious incidents.

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EriZone 5 has been released!

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New Release Notes EriZone5

EriZone has evolved over the last years, becoming a comprehensive Service Management solution to address enterprise requirements.

The most significant enhancements of the latest version regard the areas of Service Level Management and Service Catalogue Management, as well as the introduction of new functionalities to automate and reuse processes and activities. Besides technical extensions, the graphical user interface was completely redesigned resulting clearly structured and more easy to use.

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NetEye 3.9 has been released!

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New Release Notes NetEye 3.9

The most significant enhancements of the latest NetEye version regard the area of Business Service Monitoring. Moreover, the IT Operations Analytics module based on InfluxDB and Grafana is now integrated to the standard delivery of NetEye.

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