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13. 11. 2017 Susanne Greiner NetEye

Deep Learning – a Recent Trend and Its Potential

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to hardware or software that exhibits behavior which appears intelligent.  Machine Learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.  Deep Learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms…. Read More

02. 08. 2017 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Real User Experience Monitoring

Next Level Performance Monitoring – Part II: The Role of Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection

Machine learning and anomaly detection are being mentioned with increasing frequency in performance monitoring. But what are they and why is interest in them rising so quickly? From Statistics to Machine Learning There have been several attempts to explicitly differentiate between machine learning and statistics. It is not so easy to draw a line between… Read More

20. 06. 2017 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Next Level Performance Monitoring – Part I

Network traffic keeps becoming more and more heterogeneous. In many cases, it is not enough to monitor a system as we have done in the past. Here I will present the key ingredients according to Würth Phoenix for successful state of the art performance monitoring and proactive analysis of those applications that are critical for… Read More

17. 02. 2017 Susanne Greiner NetEye

How to Tune Your Grafana Dashboards

Grafana and InfluxDB have been integrated to our IT System Management solution NetEye. This step was motivated by the high flexibility and variability offered by the combination of the two open source tools. Besides modules such as Log Management, Inventory & Asset Management, Business Service Management and many others, NetEye now offers also an IT Operations… Read More

11. 11. 2016 Susanne Greiner Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

How to use anomaly detection to create smarter alerts

Alarms and monitoring go hand in hand. Whenever an algorithm or threshold is used to decide whether the current value of a registered KPI should rise an alarm or not the result can be a hit, a correct reject, a miss or a false alarm. The standard way to rise alarms is studying standard traffic… Read More

05. 10. 2016 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Congratulations to the winners of the NetCla Challenge

More than 100 Teams were competing, more than 25 sent in a solution, the best reaching a Macro-F1 scorse higher 0.88. Last Friday, after six long weeks, the time had finally come. During ECML-PKDD conference at Riva del Garda the best of the competing approaches have been described and discussed. The participants had the possibility… Read More

17. 08. 2016 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Automatic Network Management – A Challenging Goal

Würth Phoenix – Research News Currently researchers around the world are competing to bring automatic network management to the next level. Würth-Phoenix S.r.l. has recently released a dataset and is currently organizing one of this year’s ECML-PKDD discovery challenges together with The H2020 EU 5G-Cognet project and the University of Trento. The challenge consists in… Read More

08. 06. 2015 Susanne Greiner Real User Experience Monitoring, Uncategorized

Statistics and Machine Learning Techniques for RUE

In the age of the cloud the optimization of real end-user experience (RUE) is getting essential for success. On the one hand users expect applications to work faultlessly independent of the time, location, and device one is using them from. Application performance monitoring (APM) is therefore often based on RUE performance metrics. On the other… Read More