Life Cycle Asset Management with GLPI and OCS Inventory

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If you are using our Asset Management module integrated into NetEye, you probably already know about the potential of OCS Inventory and GLPI. However, often users are not aware of all the functionalities available in Life Cycle Asset Management. So let’s highlight some of the most important features to manage the entire life cycle of your assets:

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Asset Management in NetEye: Management of smartphones, tablets and SIM cards

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SIM Inventory

IT Asset Management (ITAM) entails collecting inventory, financial and contractual data to manage the IT asset throughout its life cycle. ITAM depends on robust processes, with tools to automate manual processes. Capturing and integrating autodiscovery/inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository for all IT assets enables the functions to effectively manage vendors and a software and hardware asset portfolio from requisition through retirement, thus monitoring the asset’s performance throughout its life cycle.

Nowadays, reducing costs, increasing service levels and improving visibility of financial and operational decisions, has become a MUST for most IT departments.

Therefore, it is strategically important to be equipped with tools to manage the contracts related to hardware in use, software and licenses.

The aim is, being able to efficiently negotiate with suppliers, to define a targeted acquisitions strategy, to perform all updates in time, to monitor the expiration of contracts and software licenses, as well as hardware maintenance.

Asset Management in NetEye

Thanks to the integration of GLPI and OCS Inventory, NetEye provides the Inventory and Asset Management module, with which you are able to achieve the above-mentioned goals and to optimize operating costs.

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Retrieving MS Office Keys

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Sometimes you need the list of the MS Office keys of your company, in this cases it is quite useful that your inventory system is able to automatically retrieve them.

You may need to recover the MS Offices keys because you have eventually lost them… Or because you became system administrator of a new company and you don’t even know where the MS Office keys are located but you have to quickly reinstall a workstation with an existing office license… Moreover, Microsoft regularly wants to know the Microsoft license status of the companies, which are using Microsoft solutions. I’m sure that during the last years, Microsoft sent the license controlling (SAM) also to your company. So you know, that you have to list every Microsoft product that you are using, and if you have bought retail licenses for Microsoft Office, you even have to indicate the license keys for these retail licenses on the Microsoft licensing controlling document. If your are using OCS Inventory on NetEye with the automatic MS Office keys revelation, it will be easy for you to indicate these license keys.

How to retrieve MS office keys with OCS Inventory on NetEye?

First of all you need a script like a vbs or a powershell which is able to retrieve the keys. On our solution we are going to use the msofficekey.vbs script from the MSofficeKey Plugin. This script, which can be altered if necessary, is able to render the installed MS Office solution including its keys in an xml format.

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Automating Switch Deployment

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There are a number of solutions promising simple switch provisioning. However, in reality a tool is either complicated, unreliable or even both…
Of course, the device can be configured prior physical installation, but this can get complicated in an enterprise network with many remote sites. Even more so, if a contractor without network skills is called in for the job. What if a network discovery tool (lets call it NeDi for now) would simply detect the unconfigured switch in the network and apply the proper config?

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NetEye 3.6 and RUE 1.9 Have Been Released!

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NetEye 3_6 and RUE 1_9 Release

Effective log auditing, meaningful reports and better integration of the single modules

The new version NetEye 3.6 provides some substantial improvements, to respond to specific customer needs, as well as to satisfy the continuously growing requirements in the complex world of IT monitoring.

Major investments were made in the fields of reporting and SLA measurement. Thanks to a unified data structure, the merge of decentral collected data in a single reporting database is now possible.

Get an overview about the latest developments:

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