Remote banking monitoring with Alyvix and NetEye

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Massimo Giaimo, Senior System & Network Administrator at IBT, shares his experience with Alyvix and NetEye.

What are the most recent significant changes in the application monitoring?

For decades, IT departments have mainly implemented performance-monitoring strategies through the control of the uptime of the systems. Only in recent years, companies realized that is not sufficient to monitor the availability of the infrastructure. To ensure customer satisfaction and the proper functioning of the delivered services it is essential to measure the End User Experience. Response times, failed interactions and real use are now the new monitoring metrics.

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Save the date! NetEye & EriZone UserGroup 2016

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The future is now! 

The strategic impact on the IT Management in the Big Data and Cloud era
Cantine Ferrari, Trento, Thursday October 20th, 14:00 – 18:00

Discover the recent IT System & Service management innovations at the next NetEye & EriZone UserGroup, the unique event dedicated to our customers to identify emerging challenges in the ITSM and to participate in the definition of our solutions’ new evolution phase.

You will get in touch with the reality of the future that allows outlining the strategic impact on the management of Big Data, IoT, Cloud and SmartCity.

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First impressions of the OSSMC 2015

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For all those who were there or followed the event via live-stream – we hope you enjoyed yesterday’s conference. We put together some first pictures!

The video archive with each single presentation will follow soon!

ntop founder Luca Deri dedicates his speech to packet-to-disk recording
ntop founder Luca Deri dedicates his speech to packet-to-disk recording
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A big Thank You also to our sponsors, who supported our event!


Open Source System Managment Conference 2015 - Sponsors

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To further deepen the topics that will be covered during the Open Source System Management Conference, Würth Phoenix organizes four different workshops.

The workshops will be held on April 15 at the Würth Phoenix Training Center to address the highlights for the network traffic analysis with ntopng, the process management with OTRS, the Event Handler and Log Management with the latest version of NetEye.

These training sessions are organized the day before the Open Source System Management Conference. By participating in one or more of the four workshops you will get the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and open exchange experiences with other users in the area of the System & Service Management.

Date & Location

  • April 15 2015, from 9.00 to 13.00 or from 14:00 to 18:00
  • Würth Phoenix – Training Center – Via Kravogl 4 -39100 Bolzano

Participate in the following workshops!

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