Multiple Bugfix Releases for multiple versions of NetEye (3.8, 3.9, 3.10)

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ChangeLog neteye-api:
* Tue Jun 20 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 1.8.4-1
– Fixed possible segmentation fault during SOAP request in multi backend environments

ChangeLog neteye-syslogview:
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Davide Bizzarri – 3.4.13-1
– Fixed update of Logstash config when new groups created (NSV-74)
* Wed May 31 2017 Sandro Santinato – 3.4.12-1
– Fixed bug where Rsyslog was down after service relocate (NSV-76)

ChangeLog neteye-configtool:
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 3.0.29-1
– Fix default ldap filter for new installations (NC-31)
– Fix cacti permissions non affecting plugins (NCAC-8)

ChangeLog neteye-eventconsole:
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 3.1.4-1
– Fixed duplicate colon in passive check result (NEC-4)
– Fixed Typo (NEC-6)

ChangeLog neteye-monarch:
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 3.13.8-1
– Fixed: Make add*() functions independent from AutoPersist (NMONARCH-79)

ChangeLog neteye-nagios-bp:
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 1.4.2-1
– Fixed lost traffic light selection on reload (NNBP-12)
– Fixed link to Service Detail (NNBP-4)

ChangeLog neteye-ocsng:
* Wed Jun 21 2017 Sandro Santinato – 2.1.2_neteye1.0.1-1
– Fixed bug where delete or move software in OCS dictionary was not working (NO-2)
* Tue Jun 20 2017 Sandro Santinato – 2.1.2_neteye1.0.0-1
– Restructured package and added continuous integration (NO-1)

ChangeLog neteye-plugins:
* Mon Jun 19 2017 Davide Bizzarri – 1.18.1-1
– Fixed that returns OK when unable to login to VMWARE (NP-23)

ChangeLog neteye-pnp:
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Davide Bizzarri – 0.6.25_neteye1.0.5-1
– Fixed check_interface_table_v3 does not populate the influxdb (NPNP-6)
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 0.6.25_neteye1.0.4-1
– Fix link to CSV file in multibackend environments (NPNP-7)
* Thu Jun 08 2017 Davide Bizzarri – 0.6.25_neteye1.0.3-1
– Fixed escape of backslash in tag value (NPNP-5)

ChangeLog neteye-thruk-theme:
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Davide Bizzarri – 1.1.2-1
– Fixed rrd-graph link (NTT-8)

ChangeLog neteyeshare:
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 1.0.0-3
– Fixed wrong permission for directory /data/NetEyeShare/Agents (NSH-3)

ChangeLog nfsen:
* Wed Jun 07 2017 Davide Bizzarri – 1.3.7_neteye1.2.2-1
– Fixed creation of files as root:apache instance of apache:apache (NFSEN-10)

ChangeLog logstash:
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Benjamin Groeber – 1.5.6_neteye1.2.4-1
– Do not overwrite log on each start (NLST-13)

ChangeLog neteye-eventhandler:
* Mon Jun 12 2017 Sandro Santinato – 1.4.18-1
– Fixed bug with not recognized SMSs (NEVHA-40)
* Wed Jun 07 2017 Sandro Santinato – 1.4.17-1
– Fixed bug where “Copy” menu item must be disabled in test mode (NEVHA-28)

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IoT, big data, Cloud: the NetEye’s answer

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On May 16 you can meet us at the Internet of Things conference. We will discuss about the new challenges for the IT management in the digital transformation process including IoT, Smart City, Cloud and Big Data.

Only the companies that react rapidly to the changing needs of the market are able to maintain a competitive edge. That is why the industry 4.0 and the implementation of new technologies are a necessary step. The use of intelligent networked devices, the so-called Internet of Things, requires a new control mode: a holistic monitoring approach that centralizes and integrates all components necessary for the provision of IT services.

During the event, we will present how NetEye, our Unified Monitoring solution, addresses and solves these challenges. We will show success stories of customers using the monitoring solution for the management of their IoT-ready devices. We will introduce new monitoring strategies for cloud and on-premise services. Finally, we will provide an overview of the analytical capabilities of NetEye to understand the big data collected.

  • Location: Hotel Bologna Fiera
  • Date: May 16, 2017

For more details, please visit the IoT Conference link.

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Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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At this special time of year, we give thanks for your trust and loyalty.
May the new year bring to you health, happiness and success.

We think about those who are facing the difficulties of a tragedy, by giving our donations to support the Red Cross in the reconstruction of the areas in Central Italy, recently affected by the earthquake.​

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