Notifications on critical business elements

Posted by on set 21, 2012 in Business Process | 0 comments

The Business Services monitoring module of NetEye has been designed to  obtain a higher abstraction level to define IT Services. It allows to configure  the dependencies of the IT services with the infrastructure components. In this  way it is also possible to simulate the business impact that for instance a  server anomaly will have on the service level generating accurate reports on  the availability of the business processes (often needed for the Service Level  Agreements).

I have recently developed a new enhancement for this module to facilitate the identification of the business element that is causing a certain anomaly by inserting the corresponding information directly in the notification message. Till now in case of notification of critical business services, in fact it was not possible to identify immediately the business element that was originating the alarm, but it was necessary to navigate through the business services to detect the cause.

What has been recently done is that if the business services are grouped in a business group (setting that can be performed in the Business service configuration module) than in the notification message for critical situations it will be visualized not only the business service in status critical but also the related business elements that are causing the inefficiency.

In this way you can easily and quickly determine the source of the criticality and find a proper solution by analyzing the correct business element.
This new feature will be available in the next minor of NetEye (versione 3.4).

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