A new web configuration has been integrated into NetEye for effective monitoring of web services.

The test engine is based on the open webinject project and aims to simplify the creation and configuration of xml – formatted test scenarios for the webinject test engine.

The webinterface makes part of the NetEye configurationTool, but the module of webinject has been extracted to simplify its distribution and use for other purposes for the comunity. The license of the configurationTool is the GPL v3.

You can download the configuration module here: webinject_configuration_1_0

An applications documentation and sample configuration can be seen here: neteye_implementation_webinject doku

Make sure to configure in ./webinject_conf/includes/config.php.inc.

  • xmlPath: where the webinject .xml files are stored ( r/w access required)
  • webinjectExecPath and webinjectTestrunPath: a temporary folder where a copy of the webinject.pl is stored ( or fetched from the $xmlPath) and the testruns are performed for debugging.