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21. 06. 2012 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS

OTRS – Assign Customer Companies to groups or services

With OTRS you can define different customers backends even choosing to integrate data from an LDAP server. To keep track of customers’ service subscriptions, you can define a relationship between single customers and groups and services. This allows customer users just to see services they subscribed. OTRS comes with 2 administration panels which allow to… Read More

20. 06. 2012 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

NetEye success prompts new reselling expansion

After the good market response with over 200 installations in a few years only in Italy, we are spreading our consulting and distribution channels, focusing on partnerships with strong and reliable companies that can offer the advantages of our solution to organizations that are willing to increase their working productivity by innovative Open Source IT systems. In this context last… Read More

19. 06. 2012 Patrick Zambelli NetEye

Action Launchpad: how to ease the activities for the Service Desk

Today I would like to present a module recently introduced in NetEye. The implementation has been promoted by a customer with the requirement to delegate repeated administrative task to dedicated operating and helpdesk departments. The ActionLaunchpad aims to provide to Non-Priviledged administators tasks they can Run on remote operating systems satisfying these requirements: – Agents do… Read More

11. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


Updated NetEye MessageConsole Package: – Do not recreate ID nagios file if already existent – Add logrotate file – Add sudoers entry

11. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


Updated NetEye NagVis package – Updated to last fix release – Minor rpm upgrade fixes

11. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


Updated webmin packages: – Minor installation fixes – Added dependency to perl(Net::LDAP)

07. 06. 2012 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


PNP the nagios-grapher addon on the NetEye server has been updated to the last fix release, also fixing some errors in some of the graph templates. pnp-0.6.17 03/25/2012 Bugfix: Fixed while running with –dry-run Bugfix: logging.c include missing header files ( Lars Vogdt ) Bugfix: Check if pnp4nagios/etc/rra.cfg is readable Bugfix: use XML… Read More