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28. 08. 2012 TobiasGoller NetEye

File access monitor

Many companies use shared directories or files to allow different users to access the information and if necessary modify them. When I am on customer site implementing new NetEye projects, it happens very often that there is the need to monitor the accesses on these shared files. To satisfy this requirement it is necessary  to… Read More

08. 08. 2012 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, NetEye Updates, Syslog

SyslogView Fix release 2.0.4

Fix release announcement for NetEye SyslogView and the SyslogView Search engine. SyslogView specific fixes: – FIX: Syslog Statistics: Regex filter selection box not shown in interface – FIX: Syslog Statistics: The statistic regex filters where not applied correctly on the row count of matching lines at the creation of statistics other than “general” – FIX: SyslogStore… Read More

07. 08. 2012 Juergen Vigna Nagios, Nagios-Plugins, NetEye, Uncategorized

How to monitor IBM storage

A customer has recently required to monitor their IBM Storewize V7000. The  control of the SAN IBM was crucial for the company as these systems were in  failover with critical data replication. It was frequently happening that the  replication process was interrupted and till now no solutions were implemented  to send prompt notifications in case… Read More