27. 11. 2017 Luca Franzoi EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Security Advisories

EriZone – Security Advisory

A vulnerability has been detected on the agent interface of the EriZone – OTRS system. The following is valid for all OTRS 3.3.x, Erizone 3.x and EriZone 5.x systems.

This vulnerability takes advantage of a Code injection in Kernel/System/Spelling.pm and is classified with a severity of 8.6 (high).

To guarantee the security of your system, we recommend applying last released patches.

For EriZone 5.2:

Via Admin >> Package Manager
Click on “Update repository information” and upgrade the packages strictly in the following sequence:

  • EriZoneCore
  • EriZoneTheme

For EriZone 3.6:

Via Admin >> Package Manager
Click on “Update repository information” and upgrade package:

  • EriZoneCore

For both systems, after previous procedure use a console to launch following commands:

  • /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/erizone.global_makelink
  • /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/Permissions.sh
  • /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/RestartEriZone.sh

Further information regarding this topic can be found on https://www.otrs.com/security-advisory-2017-07-security-update-otrs-framework/

The update on Erizone 5.2 will also fix some other theme bugs.

Technical details:

  • Date: 2017-11-21
  • Title: Remote code execution
  • Severity: 8.6 high
  • Product: OTRS 3.3.*, EriZone 3.* and EriZone 5.*
  • ID: OSA-2017-07

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