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22. 03. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo NetEye Updates

Updated icingaweb2, neteye-setup and icinga2 for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2 to version 2.6.2_neteye1.25.2-1: Wrong cluster configuration template folder path on userguide Updated neteye-setup to version 1.6.2-1: Nagvis not cluster aware Updated icinga2 to version 2.10.1_neteye1.4.10-2: Fixed wrong icingacli command definition After update follow this steps (only for single node installations): # systemctl restart icinga2-master # icingacli director kickstart run

21. 03. 2019 Franco Federico NetEye

Field Anonymization with NetEye 4 for GDPR

The regulations of the GDPR in many cases require that some user data is not always present, and / and or that they are anonymized.  So I would like to show you now how NetEye 4 responds to this new requirement. NetEye 4 is composed of various modules. In the NetEye 4 Log Manager, we have Elastic… Read More

20. 03. 2019 MarinovMihail Log Auditing, NetEye Updates, Syslog

Updated Safed Agent v1.10.1

– Retrieved events from eventlog (win 2008 +) starts from bookmark but should not be older than defined cache days

18. 03. 2019 Alessandro Romboli NetEye

Monitoring a Ubiquity Unifi Wireless Controller

Scenario Unifi is a well-known wireless solution developed by Ubiquity Networks.  It’s widely used due to its efficiency and low cost. Up until some years ago, the vendor offered just a basic set of access points managed by a software controller.  Year after year, the number and types of wireless controllers grew to include many specialized types… Read More

12. 03. 2019 Valentina Da Rold NetEye Updates

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.7.8-1: Fix bug in rsyslog configuration affecting host-groups that are related to hosts using an applied rule

07. 03. 2019 Patrick Zambelli NetEye

Monitoring Maps to Support Your IT Incident Management

Integration of NagVis monitoring maps into the monitoring details view of NetEye 3 with Thruk

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01. 03. 2019 Karlis Upitis NetEye Updates

Updated icingaweb2-module-geomap for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-geomap to version 1.1.3-1: Fix issues regarding how and when cluster is displayed on the map.