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29. 05. 2020 Enrico Alberti Log-SIEM, NetEye

Icinga DSL: How to Enrich SIEM Logs with Icinga Custom Vars

Over the past few months, I’ve received multiple client requests to export custom fields (custom variables or data lists) present in Icinga Director in order to enrich logs on Logstash or to make specific changes to the indexing process. The solution that I am going to explain in this article uses the Icinga DSL check…

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29. 05. 2020 Alessandro Valentini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.11

We fixed a bug which prevents DRBD and Tornado health checks to run successfully on elasticsearch-only nodes. For NetEye 4.11 we updated: neteye-setup to version 1.45.3-1 tornado and tornado-autosetup to version 0.30.2-1

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26. 05. 2020 Alessandro Valentini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.11

We fixed errors which prevents correct execution of neteye_secure_install during first installation of a NetEye cluster. For NetEye 4.11 we updated: httpd-neteye-config httpd-neteye-config-autosetup to version 1.6.2-1

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20. 05. 2020 Thomas Forrer Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 5.8 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our Service Management solution EriZone version 5.8. Product: EriZoneRelease Number: 5.8Release Date: April 30, 2020Release Type: MinorPrevious Release: 5.7 These release notes for EriZone 5.8 describe new features and improvements, and provide information on how to upgrade. Enhancements Upgrade of OTRS to 5.0.40 including bugfixes and security updates. EriZoneNetEye4Problems: NetEye4/Icinga dashboard…

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19. 05. 2020 Tobias Goller NetEye, Unified Monitoring

An Experience with Shutdown Manager in NetEye 4

In one of my last consulting activities, I finally had the opportunity to set up a shutdown policy with the new Shutdown Manager in NetEye 4. As you probably know, the use of a shutdown management solution is particularly useful in a disaster recovery environment. And that’s exactly why I used the Shutdown Manager. Let…

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19. 05. 2020 Nicola Degara Anomaly Detection, Log Management, Machine Learning, NetEye, Unified Monitoring, Webinar

Neteye SIEM: processes and tools for IT Services Security 🇮🇹

Talking about IT security is now clearly synonymous with resilience! We are continuously and inevitably under attack… every organization must implement defensive principles and practices that avoid the worst damage and the least impact on its survival and development. From the data selection, to its collection and normalization, for its representation and analysis with techniques…

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05. 05. 2020 Gerhard Schenk Events


Security issues are currently at the forefront of a comprehensive monitoring attention: the performance of business-critical IT applications must be guaranteed even against the background of increasing cyber attacks. This was the main topic of our first Live Meeting session, with Security Auditor Günter Aigle presenting how availability, integrity and confidentiality create more security in…

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05. 05. 2020 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Import Data Correlation and Automation with Icinga2 Director

A common scenario during the setup of a monitoring environment represents the import of Host and Service definitions from external databases or existing monitoring systems. This task can become quite complex when there are multiple external sources, and the data needs to be correlated. This was the challenge we faced during a recent project where…

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