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24. 09. 2022 Mattia Codato Development, NetEye

Consultant for a Day (or Three)

In August I had the opportunity to assist an experienced consultant who was upgrading a NetEye cluster. Now, I’m a software developer, and while I know the consultants here who work with clients, I’ve always worked at the Würth Phoenix offices. I’ve never actually gone out in the field. So my goal was to try…

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22. 09. 2022 William Calliari Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.25

We fixed a bug, where using SSO in NetEye with an external backend sometimes didn’t create the roles for the icingaweb internal SSO. For NetEye 4.25 we updated the following packages: icingacli, icingaweb2, icingaweb2-autosetup, icingaweb2-common, icingaweb2-devel, icingaweb2-selinux, icingaweb2-userguide to version 2.10.1_neteye1.109.2-1

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19. 09. 2022 Davide Sbetti Log-SIEM, Machine Learning

Elasticsearch ML Models and Inference: Real-Time Classification

In a previous article, we explored the Machine Learning capabilities of Elasticsearch, which allowed us to apply anomaly detection techniques to our data, and helped us discover some really interesting facts as a result of our analysis. But can we take that idea even further? For instance, could we use data we’ve already collected to…

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19. 09. 2022 Elena Valgoi Events, NetEye, SEC4U, Unified Monitoring


After two years of online events, we finally made it to organize a live event in Germany! And it was a huge success! The Usergroup is not only a chance to inform our customers about new products and releases, but also an occasion to meet and exchange feedback and ideas. This year’s NetEye Usergroup took…

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13. 09. 2022 Alessandro Romboli NetEye

Installing and Configuring Monitoring Agents in a Windows Domain – Part 2

Scenario In this blog I’ll describe some advanced features of the DSC platform in order to automate the configuration of the monitoring agents. I’ve already described the basic topics in the first part of this blog: Installing and Configuring Monitoring Agents in a Windows Domain – Part 1 But just as a quick reminder, DSC…

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13. 09. 2022 Fabrizio Dovesi Service Management

“Würth Phoenix Automation Rules! ” – How to Save Time and Money with Jira Cloud Automations

A deep dive into the Jira Cloud Automations, by exploring how they work, who can manage them and, most importantly, why they will definitively save you money and time (…and not only). In ITIL4 there are 7 guiding principles, listed below, recommended to organizations. By definition: “A guiding principle is a recommendation that provides universal…

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07. 09. 2022 Damiano Chini Bug Fixes, NetEye

NetEye 4 Core, Asset and SLM – Security Advisory – Multiple Vulnerabilities

Synopsis Important: Multiple Security updates for NetEye 4 Type/Severity Security Advisory: Important Topic Wuerth Phoenix has released some Critical Patches (CPs) for NetEye 4. These CPs resolve multiple vulnerabilities related to Privilege Escalation and authenticated remote command execution (RCE) exploits. Description GLPI was affected by an SSRF vulnerability in the External Calendars feature of the GLPI…

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