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13. 11. 2018 Benjamin Gröber Configuration Management, Development, Linux, NetEye

How We Leveraged DRBD 9 Autopromote for a Simplified Pacemaker Cluster Layout

Historically, NetEye Clusters were configured with DRBD as Master/Slave resources.  This led to the following rather cumbersome resource configuration for an N-node cluster: $SERVICE_drbd_master ( x 1 ) $SERVICE_drbd_master_clone ( x N ) $SERVICE_drbd_fs $SERVICE_virt_ip $SERVICE Note: $SERVICE serves as a placeholder for any Cluster Service running in NetEye 4. At least ten constraints were…

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25. 09. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo Linux, Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog

NetEye 4 Log Management: Rsyslog and the Elastic Stack

When you need to manage and collect large amounts of data, there can be a lot of hard tasks to do.  So we decided to take some of the best Open Source tools to help us do it in the best possible way.  Let me introduce you to Rsyslog and the Elastic Stack implementation for…

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27. 06. 2018 Michele Santuari Linux, ntop

Custom Ubuntu ISO image for unattended and offline installation

The optimized delivery of our products requires the automation of installations and upgrades.  In particular, the latest version of the nBox appliance is based on Ubuntu and requires automated and, possibly, offline installation and upgrade processes. The aim of this article is to describe the procedure to create an Ubuntu ISO image, which provides the…

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13. 02. 2018 Thomas Forrer Development, Linux, NetEye, Open Source System Management Conference


As we do every year, we participated again this year at FOSDEM, the largest conference on free and open source software in Europe.  Apart from having really nice conversations and grabbing many stickers 🙂 , we attended many very inspiring talks this year, too.

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20. 06. 2017 Thomas Forrer Linux, NetEye, NetEye Updates

CentOS updated to version 6.9 for all NetEye Versions

After a long test phase today we released a new version of our NetEye base OS packages, which is CentOS 6.9. It provides various bug fixes and improvements. For a change log see CentOS 6.9 Release Notes. There are no problems for customers continuing using CentOS 6.8.

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01. 04. 2014 NetEye Blog Admin Linux, NetEye, Open Source System Management Conference

Interview with Jon “Maddog” Hall

Jon ‘”Maddog” Hall will hold the keynote at the Open Source System Management Conference on the 10th of April. We asked him about his opinion on the real advantages of Open Source apart from licensing  and why he sees himself as “different” from any other Open Source people. Some call you an IT or Open Source legend. Is…

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18. 11. 2013 Juergen Vigna Linux, NetEye

Remake SW RAID1 from a new HDD and an old HDD with bad blocks

Question: If you have a SW RAID1 and I just replaced, say, /dev/sda with a new HDD as the old one failed. Now, upon trying to recreate the RAID array you discover that the “good” HDD (/dev/sdb) has bad blocks which prevents mdadm from resyncing the array. While you could make backups, replace /dev/sdb as…

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