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26. 09. 2019 Andrea Avancini Automated Processes, NetEye

NetEye Automatic Provisioning in vSphere – Part 2

Deploying a NetEye Cluster If you regularly follow this blog, you know that we automatically generate and test a NetEye ISO every night. Starting from the ISO, we can also automatically provision a NetEye virtual machine in a VMware vSphere infrastructure. One might wonder, “What if, since I already have these two ingredients available, I…

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26. 09. 2019 Andrea Detassis Automated Processes, NetEye

NetEye Automatic Provisioning in vSphere – Part 1

Deploying a Single Instance As you probably already know, here at Würth Phoenix we love Ansible. Our journey started by using Terraform for simple automation tasks like generating a virtual machine in vSphere starting from an existing template, only to switch to Ansible later. Ansible is now our everyday companion for automation. As mentioned earlier,…

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08. 07. 2019 Andrea Avancini Automated Processes, NetEye

ISO Generation with Ansible – Part 2

As mentioned in the previous post of this series, at Würth Phoenix we build our NetEye ISOs from scratch every night to be sure that every morning everything will be fresh.To perform this activity with no manual intervention in a robust, repeatable, and reliable way, the R&D team uses Jenkins, a well known open source…

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04. 07. 2019 Andrea Detassis Automated Processes, NetEye

ISO Generation with Ansible – Part 1

Here at Würth Phoenix, we ship software in many different ways, but one of the main methods to support on-premise installations is with an ISO file. With the ISO we allow our customers to install NetEye, the underlying OS, and all dependencies in a flexible yet simple way. Since this is so important, how can…

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27. 06. 2019 Giuseppe Di Garbo Automated Processes, NetEye

Network Performance Monitoring Automation with NetEye 4

Automating the monitoring process in Enterprise environments is a challenge that led Icinga to create features such as their REST API and the Icinga Director module. In both new NetEye4 projects and those being migrated from NetEye3 to NetEye4, this challenge is one of the aspects that I highlight the most and is certainly one…

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17. 06. 2019 Valentina Da Rold Automated Processes, NetEye, NetEye Updates

NetEye is Moving to a Completely Automated Upgrade Procedure

Process automation refers to the ability of a technological system to execute a series of tasks that were originally performed by humans. Such automation also controls, corrects and increases the visibility of the status of workflows and tasks, and generates reports throughout the process. The primary benefits of procedure automation are most surely productivity and…

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09. 04. 2018 Michele Santuari Automated Processes, NetEye

Introducing New Automated Tests

The development of a software solution requires automated quality control to deliver a better customer experience.  Our Unified Monitoring solution is based on a best-of-breed approach using tried-and-trusted open source tools.  In our vision, the development processes should deliver integrated solutions through automated systems which manage not only the building and verification of the software…

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09. 04. 2018 Davide Bizzarri Automated Processes, NetEye

How to Deploy NRPE on CentOS 7 with Ansible

Introduction When you need to monitor multiple machines, it’s a lot of work to install each machine manually.  Instead, you want to run just a single command, or click a few buttons, to configure all those machines at once, and then keep them updated over time.  This can be achieved with a bash script, so…

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28. 02. 2018 TobiasGoller Automated Processes, NetEye

SOS JobScheduler NEWS

JobScheduler is an Open Source solution for enterprise-level workload automation. It is used to launch executable files and shell scripts, and to run database procedures automatically. JobScheduler stores all information in a back-end database management system. As you may know, Würth Phoenix is an official partner of the German company SOS Berlin, the creator of…

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