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02. 07. 2019 Benjamin Gröber Clustering, NetEye

How To Recover from a DRBD9 Metadata Split Brain Situation

As soon as you manage more than a few DRBD resources distributed over a wide set of hardware, split brain situations cannot always be avoided. Standard split brains are caused by multiple nodes having different opinions about the latest state of the data on their local disk. Disclaimer: If applied incorrectly, commands in this blog…

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29. 01. 2019 Lucio Valentini Clustering, NetEye

A New NetEye Appliance in a Hybrid Cluster Solution

Our Icinga-based network monitoring solution NetEye 4 can also be supplied in a small form factor appliance.  Industrial PCs are ubiquitous these days and can be found everywhere in all sorts of applications.  The one we chose is the APU2 from Swiss manufacturer PC Engines. The APU2 features an AMD quad core 64-bit CPU, 4…

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