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27. 06. 2019 Stefano Bruno Configuration Management, NetEye

A Simple Way to Deploy Linux Agents Using the Icinga 2 API

The Agent’s distribution is probably one of those more time-consuming tasks. This can be for various reasons: different operating systems, network segregation, administrative credentials that are difficult to obtain, or even more simply, a large number of Agents to install. We know that the Agent installation on Windows servers is made easier by this PowerShell…

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03. 04. 2019 Valentina Da Rold Configuration Management, NetEye

Tips and Tricks for New Director Features

The new NetEye 4.5 release brings with it a new version of the Director module. There are three main new features in this module: Director Health Check: a new tab in Director dashboard allows users to immediately check the current state, detecting problems or incorrect configurations Multi-Instance Support: this lets you easily manage distinct environments…

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27. 03. 2019 Andrea Avancini Configuration Management, NetEye

Infrastructure Provisioning with Terraform

Being able to perform automatic provisioning of infrastructure is becoming a must-have feature for teams that want to be able to automate their entire provisioning and deployment process, and the Wuerth Phoenix team is no exception. Tools like HashiCorp’s Terraform can help teams in reaching this goal by providing the capability of writing IaC (Infrastructure…

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13. 11. 2018 Benjamin Gröber Configuration Management, Development, Linux, NetEye

How We Leveraged DRBD 9 Autopromote for a Simplified Pacemaker Cluster Layout

Historically, NetEye Clusters were configured with DRBD as Master/Slave resources.  This led to the following rather cumbersome resource configuration for an N-node cluster: $SERVICE_drbd_master ( x 1 ) $SERVICE_drbd_master_clone ( x N ) $SERVICE_drbd_fs $SERVICE_virt_ip $SERVICE Note: $SERVICE serves as a placeholder for any Cluster Service running in NetEye 4. At least ten constraints were…

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04. 05. 2017 Matteo Baruchello Configuration Management, NetEye

SNMP – Agentless Monitoring

In this article, I am going to explain how to implement a monitoring on your system, using an agentless solution (without Nagios’ nrpe agents), and I will underline some advantages of this useful solution. The target machine will be Linux or Unix Operating Systems. The need can arise from the fact that some of the…

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28. 06. 2016 Patrick Zambelli Configuration Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

IT Orchestration in NetEye: Enable locked user account from Action Launchpad

The IT Orchestration module ( also known as Action Launchpad ) comes with the purpose to simplify IT service operations. Operations can be configured within command calls that can be granted to users of your Service Operations Center. The module Action Launchpad allows to define command configurations to be called on request and job schedule…

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04. 03. 2016 Patrick Zambelli Configuration Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

Monitoring Agent deployment: NSClient++.MSI

Nsclient++ is a very popular open-source agent for monitoring Microsoft environments ( ). As one of the first agents introduced with the Nagios success story, it has gained many improvements over the last years, becoming a reliable monitoring agent with extreme stability. This is also the reason, why this agent is still a principal…

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10. 03. 2015 TobiasGoller Configuration Management, NetEye, Uncategorized

Simple SMS alerting by sending emails from third party tools to NetEye

A standard NetEye implementation uses a SMS gateway for SMS alerting. Sometimes, you need to create SMS alerts through emails deriving from other systems. For example some production machinery are just able to send email notifications in case of eventual restrictions, but you might prefer to get a SMS message. Thanks to the new EventHandler…

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06. 08. 2014 Juergen Vigna Configuration Management, NetEye, Uncategorized

New: Service Clone Tool – NetEye 3.5

Administrators of networks, which consist of a huge number of hosts, are often facing time management problems. Frequently, specific services have to run on more than just one host, consequently those services have to be copied from one host to one or more other hosts. To save as much time as possible we expanded the…

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01. 10. 2013 Georg Kostner Configuration Management, NetEye

Automation of the Monarch configuration process

Adding new hosts individually in Monarch with their information such as address, operating system or profile can take less than a minute. In the initial phase of a NetEye project, however, when you have to set up all the configurations for hundreds of hosts this operation may require more than hundreds of minutes. To speed…

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26. 05. 2011 Thomas Forrer Configuration Management, NetEye, NetEye Updates

NetEye Configtool 1.5.7-1

Changelog 1.5.7-1 – Added support for anonymous LDAP binding in the user profile account module – some bugfixes

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25. 10. 2010 Oreste Attanasio Configuration Management, EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Uncategorized

OTRS version 3 – what´s new?

The main features of the new OTRS version focus on the usability of the web application. The all-new user-centered design features an enhanced New Ticket dashboard, a dynamic Ticket Zoom view, enhanced search, an interactive Global Ticket overview, ticket archiving, and accessibility compliance. The news at a glance? User Centered redesign of the Graphical User…

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20. 10. 2009 Arianna Cunaccia Configuration Management, Nagios, NetEye

Unico S.p.A. introduces Nagios and NetEye

Unico S.p.A, a Milan based company, that focuses on the distribution of pharmaceutical products, few weeks ago decided to implement NetEye with its core application Nagios. The company is operating mainly in Northern Italy supplying 5.000 pharmacies with more than 75.000 products a day – not that bad 🙂   Arguments for the decision in favor…

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06. 07. 2009 Patrick Zambelli Configuration Management, Nagios

Automatic host discovery

Generally a system administrator who wants to integrate its hardware and software infrastructure into the Nagios configuration for monitoring, is required to add each single host into the configuration. Although there are many possibilities to accelerate this task, like the web based configuration architect Monarch of NetEye, or the possibility to define templates for hosts…

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23. 12. 2008 Patrick Zambelli Configuration Management

Check multiple network devices of a single host

Problem: A cluster server system may have multiple network interfaces  It is of interest to monitor all single devices for availability, while having the advantage to define only one host. – the host on which the network cards are installed. First define the server as host in Nagios, before following the next steps. (This example…

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