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13. 03. 2018 Arianna Cunaccia Application Performance Management, Asset Management, EriZone & OTRS, Log Auditing, NetEye, NetEye ITOA

Out Now – The New NetEye & EriZone Training Program

Ready to take your IT process skills beyond the traditional?  Our new training offerings will help you acquire, maintain and improve your knowledge and skills around our solutions.  This year’s training program contains courses for NetEye, EriZone or Alyvix customers and partners, each lasting between 2 and 4 working days. The main focus will be… Read More

28. 11. 2017 Giuseppe Di Garbo Log Auditing, NetEye

The Role of IT Asset Management in GDPR Compliance – Part I

In this post, and in the one that will follow in the next weeks, I would like to analyze the role of IT Asset Management in adapting to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). In this first article I will briefly introduce what the GDPR is, what measures it introduces, and how the IT… Read More

31. 10. 2017 Juergen Vigna Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog

Sending Cisco Syslogs to Elasticsearch: A simple guide

Do you use Cisco’s network infrastructure? Would you like to view its logs through the syslog protocol in an Elasticsearch database? Find out below about the filters and templates needed for the Logstash setup. As you probably already know, you need a Logstash instance in order to get indexed data into the Elasticsearch database. Cisco… Read More

06. 06. 2017 Giuseppe Di Garbo Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog

How to send logs from servers in the cloud to NetEye?

Keeping an offline copy of your logs does not only provide better visibility from the system management point of view, but also turns out to be extremely precious in case of a security incident during which your local copies have been affected. As many of you might know, the Log Management module of NetEye offers… Read More

22. 05. 2017 TobiasGoller Log Auditing, NetEye

NetEye as essential component of a Security Operations Centers

During my last projects I noticed that the implementation of a „Security Operations Center“ (in short SOC) is becoming increasingly important, especially for our enterprise customers. Mainly for big companies that are of public interest like banks, energy providers, assurances etc. the topic of cyber threats is getting more actual and requires special attention. This… Read More

25. 11. 2016 Juergen Vigna Log Auditing, NetEye

Some Words about Logstash Filters and Dates

Some time ago I published an article about how to store the NetEye SMS Protocol log into an ELK environment. Now, after using it some times, I discovered that it was not completely correct as the time/date functions for the Logstash filters are a bit more complicated. In particular, it was that the date was… Read More

05. 07. 2016 Juergen Vigna Log Auditing, NetEye

Practical Application of the NetEye Log Management Module to visualize SMS Notifications

Sometimes it is not so visible how many SMS are sent by a NetEye Server and to whom. So it could be a good idea to give the sms-send-protocol file to the Log Management and to include it into the Elasticsearch Index. Then you may create a Dashboard in Kibana to show the usage of your… Read More

29. 04. 2016 TobiasGoller Log Auditing, NetEye

Disk Space Optimization for the Index Database of NetEye Log Management

As you already know, from version 3.6 we’ve integrated the Elastic Stack (consisting of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) to the NetEye Log Management. This integration provides a lot of additional possibilities for log analysis, log correlation, dashboard creations, etc. Furthermore, it allows to store the collected logs for different periods, which wasn’t possible on prior… Read More

29. 01. 2016 admin Log Auditing, NetEye

NetEye Log Management on the official Elastic Blog

Thanks to the integration of the Elastic Stack to our NetEye Log Management, we established a professional relationship to Elasticsearch BV. Today we are very proud to announce that the history behind our NetEye Log Management was published on the official Elastic blog. Our business unit manager Georg Kostner, describes the market requirements, which led us to the development… Read More

21. 01. 2016 Arianna Cunaccia Asset Management, EriZone & OTRS, Log Auditing, NetEye, Real User Experience Monitoring

Würth Phoenix Training Calendar 2016

The new Würth Phoenix training calendar 2016 is now available. The training contents have been enriched to deepen your technical and professional skills.

15. 12. 2015 Patrick Zambelli Asset Management, Development, Log Auditing, NetEye, Real User Experience Monitoring, Release Notes, Syslog

NetEye 3.6 and RUE 1.9 Have Been Released!

Effective log auditing, meaningful reports and better integration of the single modules The new version NetEye 3.6 provides some substantial improvements, to respond to specific customer needs, as well as to satisfy the continuously growing requirements in the complex world of IT monitoring. Major investments were made in the fields of reporting and SLA measurement…. Read More

03. 12. 2015 MarinovMihail Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog

Trace Windows Administrators Login Activities with Safed

Sometimes it is required to trace login/logoff activities of the administrator in order to be compliant with legal guidelines or simply for security reasons (see also our article “What to do with all those logs“). The Safed agent for Windows can be easily configured to collect administrator’s login/logoff. The agent is deployed with some administrator discovery commands,… Read More

12. 08. 2015 Thomas Forrer Log Auditing, NetEye, NetEye Updates, Syslog

Updated Safed Agent v1.8.1

06. 05. 2015 Andrea di Lernia Log Auditing, NetEye

What to do with all those logs?

The Italian Data Protection Authority requires the management and storage of millions of logs, but also outside Italy, a good log management strategy can provide several advantages. Some years ago, the Italian Data Protection Authority defined that the companies must register and store all data related to the system accesses performed by the administrators. This… Read More

30. 03. 2015 Juergen Vigna Log Auditing, NetEye

[Update] Patch Released ! – LogManager (ex. SysLogView) zipping error of archived logfiles

To avoid a similar problem the next time change from winter to summer time ( i.e. CET to CEST )  a fix release has been published, backported for NetEye release 3.4. Update for NetEye 3.4 will be neteye-syslogview 2.1.9 Users of NetEye 3.5 will apply this fix together with other UI improvements and a better… Read More