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17. 04. 2019 TobiasGoller Capacity Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

MSSQL Performance Monitoring: The Sequel

Due to the very positive customer feedback on our extended MSSQL performance monitoring article, I would like to briefly highlight this functionality. We have been implementing systems for MSSQL performance monitoring for a long time, offered either as a managed IT service, or on-premise depending on the requirements. Previously, we recorded and evaluated counters such… Read More

25. 03. 2019 Oreste Attanasio Information Security Operations Center, Log Auditing, Microsoft Management, NetEye

Safed improvements since 1.10.1

The Safed agent keeps track of the events it receives from the Eventlog by keeping the LastEventID in registry. At start time the agent tries to retrieve all events from Windows Eventlog since starting from the LastEventID. When the amount of events since LastEventID is too large or the LastEventID has been removed from the… Read More

21. 11. 2018 Juergen Vigna Capacity Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye, NetEye ITOA

Manage the Performance of your MSSQL Databases

So you have MSSQL databases and you’d like to keep an eye on the performance of your DB.  Using NetEye this is quite easy.  The  tools you need are already available on your NetEye server:  InfluxDB, the Telegraf agent, and Grafana for visualizing your Dashboards. The SQL Server Input Plugin provides metrics for your SQL… Read More

21. 11. 2018 Alessandro Romboli Microsoft Management, NetEye

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2016 Issue

Remote Desktop Services 2016: The AppContainer Windows Server 2016 introduced the “AppContainer”, which is created when users connect to the server for the first time. Due to a registry leak, the Windows Server generates registry bloat for firewall rules. This registry bloat can be found in the following registry keys: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\RestrictedServices\Configurable\System Over time, this… Read More

20. 08. 2018 Patrick Zambelli Microsoft Management, Nagios-Plugins, NetEye

Microsoft WMI Monitoring – Some troubleshooting advice

In my previous blog I introduced the concepts of agentless monitoring via WMI for Microsoft environments:  from the preparation of suitable authentication credentials to providing some simple monitoring examples.  In this blog I would like to add more details about specific checks, and the possibilities for troubleshooting if you have difficulty fetching the desired data…. Read More

09. 11. 2017 Alessandro Romboli Microsoft Management

Microsoft ADFS integration with Shibboleth

Starting with the Windows Server 2003 R2 version, Microsoft introduced the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), a software component which provides users with single sign-on access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries. ADFS is part of the Active Directory Services. The authenticated user is provided with a series of Claims related to his… Read More

28. 06. 2016 Patrick Zambelli Configuration Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

IT Orchestration in NetEye: Enable locked user account from Action Launchpad

The IT Orchestration module ( also known as Action Launchpad ) comes with the purpose to simplify IT service operations. Operations can be configured within command calls that can be granted to users of your Service Operations Center. The module Action Launchpad allows to define command configurations to be called on request and job schedule… Read More

04. 03. 2016 Patrick Zambelli Configuration Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

Monitoring Agent deployment: NSClient++.MSI

Nsclient++ is a very popular open-source agent for monitoring Microsoft environments ( ). As one of the first agents introduced with the Nagios success story, it has gained many improvements over the last years, becoming a reliable monitoring agent with extreme stability. This is also the reason, why this agent is still a principal… Read More

23. 02. 2016 TobiasGoller Asset Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

Retrieving MS Office Keys

Sometimes you need the list of the MS Office keys of your company, in this cases it is quite useful that your inventory system is able to automatically retrieve them. You may need to recover the MS Offices keys because you have eventually lost them… Or because you became system administrator of a new company and you don’t… Read More

02. 09. 2014 Patrick Zambelli Microsoft Management, Nagios, Uncategorized

Windows Drive Size Monitoring unit changes in Performance Graph

This tecnical documentation should highlight an issue you may find when monitoring a Drive on a Windows machine. The value of occupied space is reported as perfdata and interpreted by the perfgraph. The result is a graph showing the occupational situation of the partition. The issue I am describing, may occur when the partition grows… Read More

21. 06. 2010 Georg Kostner Microsoft Management, NetEye

Michael Medin’s trip to the Nagios Conference: „It was in fact much worse!!”

Michael Medin´s odyssey! One of speakers at our Conference on May 20th, told us his horror trip to get back home. Already the journey to Bolzano was sort of troublesome, to get back home was much worse. Michael reached the airport and much to his surprise, he was taught a brand new word: “no-show”. The… Read More

03. 06. 2010 Georg Kostner Microsoft Management, Nagios, Nagios-Plugins, NetEye

NSClient++ 0.3.8 agent per Nagios rilasciato il 2010-05-19.

Durante la conferenza Nagios && OSS Monitoring Michael Medin fondatore del progetto NSClient++ ha annunciato la nuova release 0.3.8. NSClient++ é un agent utile nel monitoraggio con NetEye per l’integrazione avanzata del mondo Microsoft. Nel seguente video Michael Medin spiega le nuove features della release 0.3.8 e ci fa anche capire in quale direzione sta… Read More

21. 11. 2009 Georg Kostner Microsoft Management, Nagios

Nagios Checks e Counters per Exchange

Durante presentazioni da clienti o con partner mi viene chiesto se è possibile fare del monitoraggio di un server Exchange con Nagios / NetEye. Il monitoraggio di Exchange come di altri applicativi Microsoft tipo Sharepoint si basa sui cosiddetti Counters. L’insicurezza sta nel come leggere i counter Microsoft da Linux con Nagios / NetEye e… Read More

18. 11. 2009 Patrick Zambelli Microsoft Management, Nagios-Plugins

Monitoraggio avanzato Microsoft SQL Server

Esistono ormai vari Plugin Nagios che controllano la disponibilita’ e la reazione di un Database Server Microsoft. Un progetto con lo scopo di andare pero’ oltre questo monitoraggio e stato implementato e pubblicato sotto licenza GPL da un partner Nagios in Germania. Questo plugin, sviluppato in Perl, permette di estrarre e analizzare piu’ di 20… Read More

25. 08. 2009 NetEye Blog Admin Microsoft Management


A important part of Windows auditing is to track file and folder access on Windows file volumes. Out of the box, this part of auditing is not enabled on Windows operating systems. It’s necessary to enable file and folder auditing and then identify the files and folders that are to be audited. Once correctly configured,… Read More