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26. 11. 2018 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, ntop

ntop Training

Who is using your network and how? What kind of traffic does your company generate? Where does slow network performance come from? ntop has the answers. ntop is a network traffic probe that monitors network usage. This solution provides an intuitive, encrypted web user interface for the exploration of both real-time and historical traffic information. In our…

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21. 09. 2018 NetEye Blog Admin Network Traffic Monitoring, ntop

ntop Isn´t a Teenager Anymore

It all started with a pretty simple purpose: “The initial idea behind ntop was to create a simple tool to enable network visibility without having to deal with complicated network protocols,“ says ntop founder Luca Deri. What followed were 20 years of the highest quality development, motivation and passion, bringing ntop to what it is…

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20. 06. 2017 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Next Level Performance Monitoring – Part I

Network traffic keeps becoming more and more heterogeneous. In many cases, it is not enough to monitor a system as we have done in the past. Here I will present the key ingredients according to Würth Phoenix for successful state of the art performance monitoring and proactive analysis of those applications that are critical for…

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27. 04. 2017 Luca Di Stefano Network Traffic Monitoring

Find out who is eating your bandwidth with ntopng

Who really knows what are the protocols used in the local network? Usually with netflow you can distinguish traffic per l4 port (80=http,443=https,..) but this is no more sufficient. Some applications use dynamic ports (see nfs, ftp, routed sap, …), several applications use the same ports, how can we distinguish them? Applications grow and change really fast (like…

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11. 11. 2016 Susanne Greiner Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

How to use anomaly detection to create smarter alerts

Alarms and monitoring go hand in hand. Whenever an algorithm or threshold is used to decide whether the current value of a registered KPI should rise an alarm or not the result can be a hit, a correct reject, a miss or a false alarm. The standard way to rise alarms is studying standard traffic…

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05. 10. 2016 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Congratulations to the winners of the NetCla Challenge

More than 100 Teams were competing, more than 25 sent in a solution, the best reaching a Macro-F1 scorse higher 0.88. Last Friday, after six long weeks, the time had finally come. During ECML-PKDD conference at Riva del Garda the best of the competing approaches have been described and discussed. The participants had the possibility…

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22. 09. 2016 Luca Di Stefano Capacity Management, NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Why does my local network latency increase during working hours?

Sometimes you get a higher network latency during certain periods of the day.

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17. 08. 2016 Susanne Greiner NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Automatic Network Management – A Challenging Goal

Würth Phoenix – Research News Currently researchers around the world are competing to bring automatic network management to the next level. Würth-Phoenix S.r.l. has recently released a dataset and is currently organizing one of this year’s ECML-PKDD discovery challenges together with The H2020 EU 5G-Cognet project and the University of Trento. The challenge consists in…

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09. 06. 2016 Luca Di Stefano Network Traffic Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring: Port Mirroring vs. Network TAPs vs. Hardware Timestamp

Monitoring network traffic was initially used only for highlighting the typology of network traffic and the quantity of packages/bites broadcasted. This information are important to analyze anomalies, to optimize flows (balance network traffic) and to size the infrastructure.

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23. 11. 2015 Sandro Santinato NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring

How Much Bandwidth Do Your IT Services Actually Use?

Nfdump displays the traffic among network devices and thereby allows seeing how much bandwidth is consumed by the single flows. This may be a useful information, but indeed, it is not very meaningful. Since Nfdump just lists the single flows between two ports (including the generated traffic), it is difficult to understand at a glance:…

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10. 03. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, ntop, Open Source System Management Conference


To further deepen the topics that will be covered during the Open Source System Management Conference, Würth Phoenix organizes four different workshops. The workshops will be held on April 15 at the Würth Phoenix Training Center to address the highlights for the network traffic analysis with ntopng, the process management with OTRS, the Event Handler and Log Management…

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06. 05. 2014 Luca Di Stefano Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

Real User Experience – TCP Plugin

Until now, the NetEye Real User Experience was able to view the key performance indicators linked only to those applications that are using the http / https protocols. The new TCP plugin allows to display KPI for all the applications that use the TCP protocol with a client request / server response model: The plugin…

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14. 03. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Real User Experience Monitoring

The CeBIT 2013 – A big thank you to all our visitors

NetEye auf der CeBIT: Die CeBIT 2013 – Ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle Besucher

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28. 01. 2013 Arianna Cunaccia EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, ntop, Real User Experience Monitoring

Join us at this year’s CeBIT

We will participate in this year’s CeBIT by introducing all new NetEye features at our stand located in Hall 6, Block F16, Stand 133. What you might expect: Practical examples of the integration of successful projects like the network traffic monitoring with ntop, the network discovery with NeDi or all the latest features on Asset…

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24. 02. 2011 Luca Di Stefano NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring

NetEye: Qui custodiet custodes

Chi controlla i controllori?Con questo non voglio certo discutere come Giovenale sui costumi romani, ma presentare un nuovo strumento che darà maggior sicurezza all’appliance NetEye.La nuova funzionalità si occupa di tenere sotto controllo lo stato di NetEye. Qualora l’Appliance non desse più segni di vita, si attiva in automatico l’invio di SMS di emergenza per…

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