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19. 05. 2020 TobiasGoller NetEye, Unified Monitoring

An Experience with Shutdown Manager in NetEye 4

In one of my last consulting activities, I finally had the opportunity to set up a shutdown policy with the new Shutdown Manager in NetEye 4. As you probably know, the use of a shutdown management solution is particularly useful in a disaster recovery environment. And that’s exactly why I used the Shutdown Manager. Let…

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15. 09. 2016 TobiasGoller NetEye

Continuously rising demand for the NetEye Shutdown Management solution

More and more companies trust in the NetEye Shutdown Management solution. Businesses from different branches (financial, chemical, public, industrial, commercial) already implemented our manufacturer-independent solution. One main advantage of the NetEye Shutdown Management is the flexible integration of the shutdown policies for devices that are already inserted in the NetEye monitoring. Moreover, it is possible…

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22. 06. 2015 TobiasGoller NetEye

Growth In Popularity: The Shutdown Management Tool

The new Shutdown Management tool, which is available since the release of NetEye 3.5 is used more and more. With this tool, you are able to automatically start a structured shutdown procedure of your IT datacenter, in case a predefined threshold is exceeded.

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21. 05. 2014 Patrick Zambelli NetEye

New Shut Down Management module in NetEye 3.5

In the new NetEye version 3.5 that will be shortly released, it has been implemented the Shut Down Management module that allows to configure automatic shutdown procedures in a data center. I’ll try now to provide a simple example to let you understand the potentiality and the necessity of this feature. For example if there…

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