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With the release of Alyvix 2, End-User-Experience Monitoring reaches a new level.

Since, in association with the optimization of business success, end user experience is gaining more and more importance, a dedicated monitoring strategy becomes essential for goal-oriented companies.

Users have to rely on faultlessly working applications independent of time, location and device. To assure a smooth running of business critical applications as Citrix, Terminal Server, VDI, Java Applet, Adobe Flash and native applications as SAP, Application Performance Monitoring (APM) from the user’s point of view can be useful. It permits to detect eventual performance issues at an early stage (immediately when they arise). In turn, the timely recognition of performance issues provides the possibility to resolve these issues before they can be noticed by the users. And if nobody is affected by a performance problem, there never was a performance problem, isn’t it? 😉

Alyvix, the Python based open source solution for End-to-End Monitoring, continuously simulates user interactions on applications, equal as if a real user would perform them. In this way, suddenly occurring deviations from normal operation can be recognized immediately and removed directly. Obviously the acquired performance data can be archived in NetEye to be further analyzed.

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The latest version of Alyvix, which was released on Friday 18th, comes up with some determining improvements.

  • Simple deployment through the integration of Anaconda
  • Enhanced Computer Vision Algorithms
  • Straightforward test case creation directly from the user interface through the integration of Robot Framework (no Python knowledge required)
  • Automatic creation of HTML reports (including screenshots of the tested application)
  • API to create new plugins
  • Reduced CPU consumption
  • Enhanced security through password encryption

If you’re interested to test Alyvix 2, just try it out and let us know what you think about it. An installation guide and a first tutorial are already online on the Alyvix website.

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