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19. 12. 2011 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


The NetEye MK-Livestatus module has been updated to version 1.1.12p5. This is a bugfix release offering also some small new features. Please have a look here for more details: Livestatus Home Page

16. 12. 2011 Thomas Forrer NetEye Updates


– added a “Source IP” column in search engine – added support for two new event types: File accessed (eid 4663), File deleted (eid 4660)

15. 12. 2011 Patrick Zambelli Syslog

SyslogView 1.7.7

This Fix version of Syslog Server View is another release to support the comunication compatibility towards the new Safed agent 1.6 family. Due to some specification changes it is required to activate this version of SyslogView to be able to use the centralized configuration utility sending the configuration towards the agent and applying it there… Read More

13. 12. 2011 Riccardo Corsanici NetEye

Autodiscovery dei nodi VMware per la configurazione in NetEye

Durante un progetto di NetEye è stata riscontrata la difficoltà di tenere traccia dei frequenti cambiamenti operati sull’infrastruttura, aggiungendo, rimuovendo e riconfigurando sistemi virtuali con cadenza quotidiana. In questo contesto gli amministratori si trovano a dover procedere ad un confronto “manuale” tra i sistemi presenti nel Virtual Center e quelli iscritti al monitoring e quindi… Read More

05. 12. 2011 Juergen Vigna Nagios, Nagios-Plugins, NetEye

Integration of SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager monitors the behavior of SAP Instances and sends notification email in case of misbehaviors. Integrating this solution with NetEye the benefit is the possibility to have the mails sent to a user on NetEye Server and thanks to a procmail script  rows are inserted into the MessageConsole Application. The script could be like this: #! /bin/sh # export… Read More

28. 11. 2011 Patrick Zambelli Nagios

Automatic Nagios Downtime schedulation script

This blog article presents a little tool that might be useful to automatize tasks around Nagios. In every day’s IT administrator tasks the reboot and downtime for servers and services maintenance is not avoidable. One of the administration tasks in NetEye is also the schedulation of such downtimes in order to avoid predictable alert notifications… Read More

09. 11. 2011 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates

NetEye OS Update to CentOS 5.7 released

After a long test phase we released today the update of NetEye OS from CentOS 5.6 to CentOS 5.7. For a Changelog see: CentOS5.7 ReleaseNotes

09. 11. 2011 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


* Thu Oct 06 2011 Juergen Vigna <> – Added missing nagios cgi options to cgi options form. – Remove building of auto requirements * Tue Aug 16 2011 Patrick Zambelli <> – Fix of configuration in Monarch DB: Obsessive handler commands definition

19. 10. 2011 Patrick Zambelli Capacity Management

Capacity View on Microsoft Exchange for German OS 2K3

The previous Blog article ( ) on how to implement a capacity view on the e-mail exchange on Microsoft Exchange servers works fine for international English servers. Due to the fact that the template makes use of system counters for the data backend, the remote system calls have to be adjusted for hosts installed… Read More

13. 10. 2011 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye

NetEye training: positive feedback after the first session

Based on the customers’ growing demand, the first seminar session for WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye has been organized in September. At the end of the training the participants had the possibility to provide their evaluation through a satisfaction survey. Everyone would recommend the workshop to others. The content was satisfactory, as well as the know-how of the… Read More

30. 09. 2011 Arianna Cunaccia NetEye

WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye …anytime … anywhere…

To reach NetEye anytime and everywhere we developed a new App for the most common smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile). It is possible for you to access all information contained in NetEye as the host/service/business process status navigating to the performance graphs, NagVis, Google Map or the documentation in Wiki. Finally,… Read More

23. 08. 2011 NetEye Blog Admin Uncategorized

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Ok, we´re a bit late , it was the 29th of July, but let´s show our appreciation for the SysAdms in our companies and give them something that reflects that we truly appreciate their hard work and dedication. At least let´s sometimes say THANK YOU and consider almost some of the Don`ts as published on the System Administrator Appreciation Day Website…. Read More

16. 08. 2011 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, NetEye Updates


Fix of initial Nagios – Monarch DB configuration: Obsessive handler commands definition added as command definition and left in initial global inactive state.

27. 07. 2011 Arianna Cunaccia Open Source System Management Conference

Latest video presentations of the Nagios World Conference

And finally we did it…. at the end also the latest presentations of the Nagios World Conference are available in video format 😉 Unfortunately the quality of some files is not as good as expected… next time we engage a fully Web- and not TV expert for the fixed cam. However, you can see it by clicking here. Enjoy… Read More

21. 07. 2011 Juergen Vigna NetEye Updates


* Wed Jul 21 2011 Juergen Vigna <> – 1.1.0-1 – fixed bug and added new XL Fan String – added check_uptime plugin – added plugin