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07. 04. 2021 Damiano Chini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.17

We fixed a bug in the Log Manager for which it was not possible to verify Elasticsearch blockchains containing more than 10,000 documents. For NetEye 4.17 we updated the following packages: elastic-blockchain-proxy and elastic-blockchain-proxy-autosetup to version 0.8.1-1

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02. 04. 2021 Mattia Codato Development, NetEye

NetEye Smart Director

With the new NetEye 4.17 release, we’ve introduced a new feature: Smart Director. What is Smart Director? Smart Director is an extension of IcingaWeb2’s Director module that allows an operator to immediately deploy host and service changes without executing the classic Director deployment. Why another Director? The NetEye team implemented this fantastic feature to meet…

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02. 04. 2021 Andrea Avancini NetEye

Signing NetEye RPMs

When you have to publicly release software like we do with NetEye every two months, it’s fundamental that users can verify that software: in our case that the RPMs that we build come from us and not from someone who pretends to be us, that they have not been tampered with, and that they do…

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02. 04. 2021 Alessandro Valentini NetEye

RPM Package Verification

Why it’s important to use signed packages RPM signing is an often underestimated feature: you use official repositories, why shouldn’t you trust them? Those repositories are also probably protected with TLS encryption, so you feel safe against man-in-the-middle attacks. But you may not be as safe as you think you are. Have you heard about that time when the repository…

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02. 04. 2021 Mattia Codato Development, NetEye

Advanced Sphinx Theme Customization

In a companion post we talked about how to create a custom theme for Sphinx, like the one we made for the new NetEye online user guide.Sometimes just a basic customization is not enough and you want to create something much more advanced. In this article, we’ll look at some more detailed custom parts. Custom…

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02. 04. 2021 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

How to Create a Custom Sphinx Theme

During this release we worked a lot to improve the NetEye User Guide. The new user guide is now independent of the NetEye product itself, it can be found online and its structure is greatly changed. By this I mean that we improved not only its content, but we also decided to use a more…

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01. 04. 2021 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

NetEye Home Dashboard

“A dashboard should tell a story or answer a question” “Dashboards should reduce cognitive load, not add to it“ Following the two best practices mentioned above I would like to consider the following use case: I am a NetEye customer with a single node implementation and I would like a dashboard that helps me to…

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01. 04. 2021 Thomas Forrer Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye 4.17 Release Notes

Welcome to version 4.17 of our NetEye v4 Unified Monitoring Solution. General Improvements With the new NetEye release, the Contrib RPM repository is made generally available in NetEye 4. The Contrib repository contains supplemental packages, like NeDi and the Icingaweb2 module X509, intended to work with NetEye and provided by NetEye contributors. This goes in…

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01. 04. 2021 Damiano Chini Development, Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Log Management – Real Time Log Signing

Meeting the highest security standards is an absolute priority in NetEye. For this reason, in the continuous process of improving security in NetEye 4, we brought an important architectural improvement in the Log Manager module in the NetEye 4.17 release. The new architecture takes the name of Real Time Log Signing and its main focus…

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25. 03. 2021 Valentina Da Rold Development, ITOA, NetEye

How to Customize a Grafana Component

I’ve been working with Grafana since 2017, when I started as a Frontend Developer here at Wuerth Phoenix.I typically take care of the customization of the Grafana User Interface, with the goal of reflecting the NetEye look and feel inside Grafana, aka the ITOA module. I’ve already written about a simple way to customize the…

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19. 03. 2021 Ajay Sharma Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.16

We fixed a compatibility issue in the Icinga 2 agent for Windows systems that prevented the user to fully utilize all the features available. The new Icinga2 Windows agent executable can be downloaded from our repositories.

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12. 03. 2021 Massimo Giaimo Log-SIEM, SEC4U

Microsoft Exchange 0-Day: Let’s Look at the Facts!

I’m writing this article with the goal of summarizing the events of recent days concerning the zero-day vulnerability that has struck Microsoft Exchange installations, and to provide some useful information to help you understand how the attack began, how it developed, and what we should expect in the immediate future. First of all, a quick…

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09. 03. 2021 Oreste Attanasio Contribution, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NeDi 1.9 security advisory

Synopsis Critical: NeDi security update Type/Severity Security Advisory: Critical Topic An update for NeDi is now available for NetEye. NetEye Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Critical. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from the CVE…

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26. 02. 2021 Franco Federico Log-SIEM, NetEye

What’s Happening Right Now in My Active Directory?

We recently integrated two dashboards into NetEye SIEM to check what is happening within Active Directory, a component that is present in the vast majority of our customer environments. These two dashboards start from the collection of security events that are gathered across the various Windows servers that make up the infrastructure, and are then…

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26. 02. 2021 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Tutorials, Part 3: Using a Green Screen

In my last blog post we looked at practical suggestions for improving the tutorial videos you upload to YouTube, focusing on tips for audio recording, video recording and editing, writing the script, and uploading them. Now suppose you want to take the next step that will (hopefully!) add some impact to your tutorials: putting yourself…

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