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27. 04. 2022 Elena Valgoi Events, Service Management

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Exciting news from the Atlassian Team ’22

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” … Peter Drucker, the management guru, said it ages ago…and Scott Farquhar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Atlassian, repeated it in the opening keynote at the Atlassian Team ’22 in Las Vegas (April 5th-7th). Atlassian Team is an annual meeting about Agile & DevOps, ITSM, culture, and work management, where the…

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15. 12. 2021 Fabrizio Dovesi Development, Service Management

First Steps in Your Atlassian Ecosystem – Keep the Lights on Jira with Confluence Pages Macros

Project data and documentation management is always a challenge. Using macros within your Confluence pages can definitely help with this, especially those that create live charts and reports on the linked Jira project. After following these simple steps, in just a few minutes you’ll have: 📌 A better idea of how to organize Confluence Pages…

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09. 12. 2021 Fabrizio Dovesi Development, Service Management

First Steps on Your Atlassian Ecosystem – Integrate Jira Projects and Confluence Spaces

Once you have an empty, configured Atlassian cloud site, what are the right steps to take in order to get value from it at time zero? After following these simple steps, in just a few minutes you’ll have: 📌 A Confluence Space to manage your documentation 📌 An integrated Jira Project and Confluence Space 📌…

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28. 09. 2021 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Tips to use the Atlassian Marketplace

If you have an Atlassian product you should definitely learn how to explore the Atlassian Marketplace. The Atlassian Marketplace is the equivalent of the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. On the Atlassian Marketplace you can find thousands of Apps for your Atlassian product both Cloud and Server / Data Center. The Apps…

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27. 09. 2021 Fabrizio Dovesi Service Management

Create Your Own Atlassian Ecosystem in a Few Clicks (…and for Free!)

Everything you need to do and know to taste the Jira and Confluence experience yourself (… and for free! 😉 ) After following these simple steps, in just a few minutes you’ll have: 📌 Your Atlassian cloud instance containing Jira Software and Confluence 📌 Option to invite up to 10 users to collaborate as a…

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11. 08. 2021 Nicola Degara Unified Monitoring

Würth Phoenix Open Sources Atlassian Extension Scripts

Würth Phoenix is fully engaged with the Open Source world. In line with our high level of commitment, we have decided to open source our library of Atlassian integration scripts by sharing them with the community. Our initial release is a new repository containing the following Jira/Jira Service Management integration scripts: Importing clients from a…

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28. 10. 2020 Nicola Degara Business Service Monitoring, Cloud, Icinga Web 2, NetEye, Service Management, SLM, Unified Monitoring

NetEye Incident Response with Atlassian Opsgenie Integration

As an Atlassian partner we are working in this period on the preparation of an online demo system in parallel with the delivery of our new NetEye demo online service. For the occasion I decided to expand our already existing NetEye integration with the Atlassian ecosystem that you will find described in other previous blogs….

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11. 01. 2023 Elena Valgoi Service Management

Agile Adoption Is Hard… So What’s the Secret Sauce?

Gartner said it in 2020, but how is it going? Lets’ take a look at some statistics…  The pandemic has forced companies to adopt an Agile approach, especially in order to improve communication among distributed teams. Teams in the software industry have seen an increase in Agile practices from 37% to 86%2.  Therefore, most companies…

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31. 12. 2022 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

New Year’s Resolutions List

We’re at the end of the year again and it’s time to draw up the famous list of good resolutions for the coming year. I’m talking about good and working resolutions, the ones relating to good non-working resolutions is always very difficult to respect. I could challenge many of you to state for the record…

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31. 12. 2022 Fabrizio Dovesi Service Management

Data-driven Models – the Ultimate Fighter against a Company’s Complexity 👊 – Use Case Part 2 of 2

Guidelines on Data-driven models for managing data complexity and designing robust systems that might be consider both a single-source-of-truth and a single-point-of-contact. Use case scenario about a real Managed Service Provider ITSM with Atlassian Cloud products As mentioned in my previous post (Part 1 of 2), data-driven models help companies in managing data complexity and…

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19. 12. 2022 Gabriele Cecco Asset Management

An Easy Way to Manage a Shared Office

The ongoing evolution of the world of work also carries through to the areas where this work is carried out. Never before have so many people and companies finally understood that smart working is a reality, and that the productivity of employees who work partly at home rather than the office does not decrease but…

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16. 11. 2022 Elena Valgoi Events, NetEye, SEC4U, Unified Monitoring

NETEYE USER GROUP 2022… back again! #italianedition

The event of the year, the NetEye User Group, is back again, in presence! The User group is not only a chance to inform our customers about new products and releases, but also an occasion to meet and exchange feedback and ideas. This year’s NetEye User group took place in the beautiful city of Verona…

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17. 10. 2022 Camilla Biamino Events, NetEye, SEC4U, Service Management

NetEye User Group 2022 in Verona 👁‍🗨

Here we go again! 🤩 Join us for the physical NetEye User Group, Italian edition, on 9th November 2022, from 9.30 AM to 5 PM at the Winter Garden Crowne Plaza in Verona! A day full of vITality! After a welcoming introduction, you’ll get to know all the news and strategic info about NetEye and…

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29. 09. 2022 Gabriele Cecco Asset Management

Jira Discovery: how to have devices always updated

Here we are at the third part of this journey. After seeing how to discover assets and how to import assets discovered by the Discovery-Tool into Jira, in this part we will see how to set up a service and ensure that the objects imported into the Asset module are always up to date. The…

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13. 09. 2022 Fabrizio Dovesi Service Management

“Würth Phoenix Automation Rules! ” – How to Save Time and Money with Jira Cloud Automations

A deep dive into the Jira Cloud Automations, by exploring how they work, who can manage them and, most importantly, why they will definitively save you money and time (…and not only). In ITIL4 there are 7 guiding principles, listed below, recommended to organizations. By definition: “A guiding principle is a recommendation that provides universal…

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