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23. 12. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin Uncategorized

Merry Christmas and a successful 2011!

The Christmas season is on the way again. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, partners and friends for doing business with us and giving us the chance to join in daily work. We look forward to best support you also in future and get your satisfaction level as our stimulation to go the extra… Read More

21. 12. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin Nagios, NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring, Uncategorized

Collection and Exploration of Large Data

Hakin9, a free monthly magazine on IT Security in its December edition published an article written by Luca Deri mentioning also the adoption of the nBox appliance with a pre-installed ntop and anProbe software. The magazine also pre-announced the 2011 edition of our Conference on Nagios & OSS Monitoring scheduled for the 12th of May. snort_exposed_hakin9_14-172 snort_exposed_hakin9_38-39

17. 12. 2010 Georg Kostner Nagios, NetEye

Customer Survey on NetEye

Surveying not only helps us to stay on top of our customer needs, but gives us also an edge over the competition as well. That is the reason for conducting a customer satisfaction survey in the recent past and also the cause why we will use this direct feedback opportunity regularly to improve service and… Read More

02. 11. 2010 Oreste Attanasio Nagios, Nagios-Plugins

“You would be crazy not to use the potential of Open Source”

Interview with Gerhard Lausser, Nagios expert, plugin developer (check_logfiles und check_oracle_health) and author of various Nagios publications. In 2009 you’ve published a book on Nagios features and functionalities: which were the main focus points and what’s your experience in relation to the plugins you’ve developed? The goal of my book was not to be another… Read More

02. 11. 2010 Thomas Forrer NetEye, Network Traffic Monitoring

Your are being monitored!

Who is using your network? What makes your network traffic? Who is consuming most of the bandwidth? If you want to answer these questions you should become a nBox user. See the details of the new version 6.0. including the new User Manual.

26. 10. 2010 Patrick Zambelli Log Auditing, Syslog

Centralized syslog agent configuration for SAFED

Today’s blog article will highlight the latest news from the Syslog Server development area. The focus lays on the integration of the distributed syslog agents into the SyslogView module of the NetEye server. The motivation for this strategic implementation is the acceleration of the installation – only a single MSI executable without user iteration has… Read More

25. 10. 2010 Oreste Attanasio Configuration Management, EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Uncategorized

OTRS version 3 – what´s new?

The main features of the new OTRS version focus on the usability of the web application. The all-new user-centered design features an enhanced New Ticket dashboard, a dynamic Ticket Zoom view, enhanced search, an interactive Global Ticket overview, ticket archiving, and accessibility compliance. The news at a glance? User Centered redesign of the Graphical User… Read More

22. 10. 2010 Thomas Forrer Uncategorized

ROI calculation made easy

Everyone is talking about ROI, but when it comes to really quantify the investment and its return, some get in difficulty. However, you don’t need to get a finance MBA to be able to do this kind of thing. Just divide the net profit amount by total investment amount. The resulting amount would be your… Read More

22. 10. 2010 Patrick Zambelli Log Auditing, Syslog

Monitoring the status of the SAFED agent

This article will highlight quickly an approach for the monitoring of your syslog agent in terms of availability and reactiveness. SyslogView OS agent check defintions The NetEye SyslogView server includes a  check logic for the monitoring of the syslog agent on the remote server. The monitoring techniques cover the strategy to launch a Nagios interpretable… Read More

19. 10. 2010 Patrick Soppera Network Traffic Monitoring, Uncategorized

A safe network for a relaxed life

Are your IT Projects becoming like the leaning tower of Pisa?  Do you need to identify jams in your network? Maybe the following funny presentation could provide you with a solution… A safe network for a relaxed life View more presentations from Würth Phoenix.

01. 10. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

Video ricordo per i dieci anni di Würth Phoenix

Abbiamo già parlato dei festeggiamenti per i dieci anni di Würth Phoenix in questo post (che è sempre bello rileggere 🙂 ). Oggi segnaliamo la pubblicazione del video ricordo dell’evento, una modo piacevole per rivivere i momenti più interessanti della serata ed ascoltare le testimonianze di colleghi, partners e clienti.

27. 09. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

qualche informazione in più sullo user group

Lo User Group è un momento ideale per condividere informazioni ed impressioni utili per lo sviluppo e l’utilizzo di un determinato prodotto; è con questo intento che nel corso dell’incontro presso Lotto Sport abbiamo presentato le principali novità di NetEye. In prima battuta abbiamo parlato del nuovo Syslog con SAFED, la suite di agent open… Read More

22. 09. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

Rientrati dallo user group su NetEye

Come annunciato qualche giorno fa, si è tenuto ieri presso Lotto Sport il secondo User Group su NetEye. Nel corso dell’incontro sono state presentate le principali novità relative all’Agent Safed, al modulo Syslog e all’integrazione con OTRS. Oltre al padrone di casa Claudio Pieri sono intervenuti rappresentanti di aziende quali Tecnica Group, InfoCert, SME, Würth… Read More

17. 09. 2010 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye, Uncategorized

Bossie award per OTRS ITSM, soluzione integrata in NetEye

L’IT service management OTRS ITSM ha vinto il Bossie Award nella categoria “Best Open Source Networking Software”. L’importante riconoscimento vuole premiare una soluzione completa e performante che ha i suoi punti di forza nella gestione dell’incident, problem, change e release management. Questo prestigioso traguardo è motivo d’orgoglio anche per NetEye che ha integrato OTRS nella… Read More

14. 09. 2010 MarinovMihail Log Auditing, Syslog

Download dell’agente Safed

L’agente Safed 1.3.1 per Windows e UX e disponibile per il download nella sezione Safed Area della pagina Downloads