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31. 12. 2023 Damiano Chini Development, DevOps, NetEye

Speeding up the NetEye CI Testing Phase

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve introduced more and more features in NetEye 4. This fact has had a side effect that’s not directly visible to customers, namely that we keep adding more and more tests to the testing phase of the NetEye 4 Continuous Integration pipelines. While this ensures that regression…

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30. 12. 2023 Fabrizio Dovesi Atlassian, Service Management

Get Your Agile and Integrated Procurement Cycle

How to survive managing the IT asset purchase cycle in your company with just a few key elements that ensure a just-in-time approach and decreased waiting time What are the goals and benefits of automating the procurement process? Sooner or later, it’s going to be time to change and evolve. It’s usually better to choose…

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29. 12. 2023 Emil Fazzi Development, NetEye

Playwright Tests on the NetEye Guide

During the process of developing and improving the official NetEye user guide, some bugs regarding the display of the guide on mobile devices gave us the opportunity to innovate the development process of our product, extending the testing phase prior to the release of new versions of the NetEye user guide. In this blog post,…

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29. 12. 2023 Damiano Chini Development, NetEye

Reusing Code Logic between NetEye and Alyvix

In the last few weeks the NetEye development team and the Alyvix development team have been collaborating to achieve support for Time Periods in Alyvix. In this blog post, we’d like to share some interesting challenges that this feature has brought to the developers. Disclaimer: as of the 28th of December, 2023 the Alyvix Time…

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28. 12. 2023 Enrico Alberti Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Monitor Fleet Elastic Agents with NetEye Extension Packs (NEP)

With the latest version of NetEye 4.33, the Fleet Server and ElasticAgent officially join the NetEye Elastic Stack (see NetEye 4.33 Release Notes ) Related to this new big feature, within the NetEye Extension Packs project we have provided new monitoring checks that can help customers and consultants who use NetEye to keep these new…

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28. 12. 2023 Davide Sbetti Log-SIEM, Machine Learning

Semantic Search in Elasticsearch – Testing Our NetEye Guide: Adding the LLM ingredient

You weren’t expecting a part three of this series, right? Well honestly, me neither. But after working together with you on the POC where we firstly crawled the NetEye Guide and applied ELSER to the resulting documents, and then we exploited its semantic search capabilities in the NetEye Guide search, we asked ourselves, what if…

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28. 12. 2023 Davide Gallo Cloud, ITOA, NetEye

Using Jinja2 to Automate Configuration Files

As you may know, NetEye Cloud is our multi-tenant SaaS solution for monitoring your infrastructure. It’s crucial to us for keeping every tenant aligned with the latest configurations and patches. We’ve managed to automate and align the agents via Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Ansible, but we still had to manually check those agents’ configurations….

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24. 12. 2023 Damiano Chini Development, DevOps, NetEye

How We Want to Avoid Breaking the NetEye User Guide (Again)

A few months ago while navigating through our NetEye User Guide we noticed that it had a small bug that caused some words in the right-side menu to be slightly truncated in the particular case where that menu contained some monospace characters. Well, since this was quite annoying, we fixed it on the fly with…

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24. 12. 2023 Damiano Chini Development, DevOps, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Making ELK Updates Smoother with Configurators and Ansible

Recently (in September 2023) NetEye integrated version 8.8 of the Elastic Stack, which is just one of many Elastic updates brought into NetEye 4. Since this Elastic update there was a major upgrade (from version 7.17) coming with many breaking changes, so we, as the NetEye R&D team, wanted to make this important upgrade as…

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24. 12. 2023 Massimo Giaimo SOCnews

SMTP Smuggling – A Quick Summary

SEC Consult researchers showed that some software allows a bad actor to inject a specially crafted email message concealing a second message hidden inside the body of the original message. This passes into the inbound SMTP server, which interprets the text as a separate second message. The attack relies on incorrect handling of the <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> sequence of…

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22. 12. 2023 Giuseppe Di Garbo ITOA, NetEye

Hostgroup Ping Dashboard

Hostgroups are a grouping of hosts with similar characteristics such as geographical location, type, severity, environment, operating system, applications and much more. Hostgroups can be created for multiple purposes such as: The default Host Group view is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and useful ones in NetEye because, for each group, it immediately shows…

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22. 12. 2023 Juergen Vigna Log-SIEM, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

SIEM: Monitor Hosts Sending Data to Elasticsearch

Do you have a SIEM installation based on Elasticsearch (like the NetEye 4 SIEM Module) and are you sending data to it from your hosts? Then you’ll surely want to know whether your host is actually sending data, or if nothing is coming out at all. For this I made available a simple icinga/nagios plugin…

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22. 12. 2023 Giacomo Giallombardo ctf-writeups, SEC4U

WP-CTF23 Write-up, OSINT Challenges

During WP-CTF 2023 hosted at Würth Phoenix headquarters, a fresh set of CTF challenges were unveiled. These challenges spanned various fields, including OSINT, Digital Forensics, and Blockchain investigations. In this article, I’m going to delve into the solutions for some challenges presented by the Würth-Phoenix security team. THE FIRST CHALLENGE The first challenge, titled “There…

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21. 12. 2023 Alessandro Taufer Development, DevOps

Blue-Green Deployment on Azure

When deploying new features, releasing your code into a production environment might not be as easy as it seems. To ensure the minimal amount of service disruption, we might want to easily roll back to a previous configuration or to gradually migrate traffic to a new one. That’s where blue-green deployment comes to our aid….

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20. 12. 2023 Gianluca Piccolo Development

How to Debug PHP xDebug XD

Sometimes in NetEye 4 it happens that we need to understand why the system behaves in a certain way. Since a lot of the NetEye 4 GUI is still based on PHP, we use the most powerful tool to debug PHP: Xdebug. Xdebug is an extension of PHP which mainly provides a debugger and profiler….

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