17. 11. 2021 Camilla Biamino Events, NetEye

NetEye Meets Cyber Security


(Edition in Italian)

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM

In this year’s edition of the NetEye User Group IT we will give you all the news about NetEye, our collaboration with Atlassian and Elastic, and present NetEye’s merger with Cyber Security.

Our speakers will first introduce NetEye’s strategy for 2022, the importance of IT Operation Analytics, and how to optimise the use of resources to create a competitive advantage. We’ll dig into NetEye and its collaboration with Atlassian at the service of the Monitoring Agility. Next, we will deal with Cyber Security and its features of Exposure Assessment and NetEye SOC, as well as Modern Security with Elastic (in English). Andrea Gelati from Lantech/Longwave will then present a Customer Success Story.

Last but not least: We cannot wait to hear your feedback – so get ready and sign up for the event!

Camilla Biamino

Camilla Biamino


Camilla Biamino

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