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25. 04. 2012 Michael Schwartzkopff NetEye, Uncategorized

NeDi – Network Discovery that Really Works

When networks begin to grow admins begin to loose overview. NeDi efficiently searches and documents a network. This makes it an ideal starter for any management system that builds on top. One of NeDi`s distinct features is its capabilitiy to draw network topologies very efficiently. Network discovery usually means scanning all network addresses for hosts… Read More

22. 04. 2012 Luca Di Stefano Real User Experience Monitoring

Real User Experience Monitoring: How to handle a load balancer

The Real User Experience Monitoring (RUM) is a new approach adopted to provide specific control on IT services and systems, allowing to analyse the performance and response time that the user really experiences. If you have an application behind a load balancer and the probe is between the client and the load balancer, the RUM retrieves… Read More