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17. 04. 2019 TobiasGoller Capacity Management, Microsoft Management, NetEye

MSSQL Performance Monitoring: The Sequel

Due to the very positive customer feedback on our extended MSSQL performance monitoring article, I would like to briefly highlight this functionality. We have been implementing systems for MSSQL performance monitoring for a long time, offered either as a managed IT service, or on-premise depending on the requirements. Previously, we recorded and evaluated counters such… Read More

08. 04. 2019 Alessandro Romboli NetEye, NetEye ITOA

Anonymous Access for Wall Dashboards

Scenario A lot of people who have a NetEye monitoring system will set up a Wall Dashboard to display the status of their most important services and vital performance data. If these Dashboards are built using Grafana (in the ITOA menu in NetEye 4), you will encounter the problem that you will need to bypass… Read More

08. 04. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo NetEye, NetEye Updates

Updated nagvis and icingaweb2-module-logmanager for NetEye 4.5

Updated nagvis to version 1.9.8_neteye1.4.2-1: Bugfix: On new cluster installations, NagVis autosetup is not executed. Upated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.13.3-1: Bugfix: Deploy to all hosts gives error 503

04. 04. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo NetEye, NetEye Updates

Updated neteye, neteye-setup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, eventhandler and auditlog for NetEye 4.5

Updated neteye to version 4.5.1-1: Define Updated neteye-setup to version 1.7.1-1: Manage target neteye single instance and cluster Update creation of icingaweb2 DB resource with dynamic creation of DB hostname Updated elasticsearch-neteye-config to version 1.5.0-1: Relate elasticsearch.service to Updated eventhandler to version 1.7.6-1: Fix module DB hostname for cluster environment Updated auditlog to… Read More

03. 04. 2019 Valentina Da Rold Configuration Management, NetEye

Tips and Tricks for New Director Features

The new NetEye 4.5 release brings with it a new version of the Director module. There are three main new features in this module: Director Health Check: a new tab in Director dashboard allows users to immediately check the current state, detecting problems or incorrect configurations Multi-Instance Support: this lets you easily manage distinct environments… Read More

03. 04. 2019 Michele Santuari Log Auditing, NetEye

How to Manage Permissions in Log Analytics with NetEye 4

NetEye 4 Log Manager, as already presented in this blog post, allows you to easily manage the collection, navigation, visualization and analysis of large numbers of logs. For many reasons, I as a user may want to limit log access to a subset of users. For example a network administrator should only see the logs… Read More

01. 04. 2019 Thomas Forrer NetEye, Release Notes

NetEye 4.5 and NetEye 3.17 Release Notes

NetEye 4.5 Release Notes Welcome to version 4.5 of our NetEye v4 Unified Monitoring Solution. Following version 4.4, the new and updated features in this version focus on bug fixes, updates to CentOS and core components, and improvements to Log Manager, Lampo, Tornado and Safed. Product: NetEye Release Number: 4.5 Release Date: March 31, 2019… Read More

29. 03. 2019 Charles Callaway Cloud, NetEye

SMS Notifications by Bridging Ethernet and Serial with Moxa’s NPort

Monitoring needs to take place wherever data is collected, which may not always be right next to your NetEye server. If you have poor signal reception, or else you’re running on a virtual machine, and you need 24×7 availability, notification via SMS may be the only option. Sometimes you just can’t run a serial cable… Read More

29. 03. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Development, NetEye

NetEye 4 and the Continuous Localization with Weblate

As a software developer, working with translations has always been a pain.Non-technical people like translators cannot work directly on translation files due to their rules and the file syntax. In my professional career I’ve tried many times to include translators into the workflow, but the time we spent solving the bugs they introduced was more… Read More

29. 03. 2019 Angelo Rosace Log Auditing, NetEye

Host Creation via Icingacli Commands for Monitoring and Deploying a Safed Agent Configuration

Creating hosts in NetEye’s Director module can sometimes be time-consuming and a repetitious, tiring and boring job. Especially if you have to populate Director with a large number of hosts for setting up a test environment, for example. One solution is to create a script consisting of nothing but icingacli commands. Each command line instruction… Read More

27. 03. 2019 Andrea Avancini Configuration Management, NetEye

Infrastructure Provisioning with Terraform

Being able to perform automatic provisioning of infrastructure is becoming a must-have feature for teams that want to be able to automate their entire provisioning and deployment process, and the Wuerth Phoenix team is no exception. Tools like HashiCorp’s Terraform can help teams in reaching this goal by providing the capability of writing IaC (Infrastructure… Read More

27. 03. 2019 Giuseppe Di Garbo NetEye

NetEye 4 Performance and Tactical Monitoring Overview

In one of my previous posts I described how to create a customized NetEye 3 Tactical Monitoring Overview dashboard with Grafana and Telegraf. Here I’d like to show you how you can create a similar dashboard (much faster) for NetEye 4. The NetEye 4 Tactical Overview quickly provides basic information on the status of hosts, services… Read More

25. 03. 2019 Oreste Attanasio Information Security Operations Center, Log Auditing, Microsoft Management, NetEye

Safed improvements since 1.10.1

The Safed agent keeps track of the events it receives from the Eventlog by keeping the LastEventID in registry. At start time the agent tries to retrieve all events from Windows Eventlog since starting from the LastEventID. When the amount of events since LastEventID is too large or the LastEventID has been removed from the… Read More

21. 03. 2019 Franco Federico NetEye

Field Anonymization with NetEye 4 for GDPR

The regulations of the GDPR in many cases require that some user data is not always present, and / and or that they are anonymized.  So I would like to show you now how NetEye 4 responds to this new requirement. NetEye 4 is composed of various modules. In the NetEye 4 Log Manager, we have Elastic… Read More

20. 03. 2019 MarinovMihail Log Auditing, NetEye Updates, Syslog

Updated Safed Agent v1.10.1

– Retrieved events from eventlog (win 2008 +) starts from bookmark but should not be older than defined cache days