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25. 05. 2023 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

Moving from Selenium to Playwright – Part 1

In order to visually test NetEye on browsers at each stage of development and before each release, we have a continuous integration (CI) step dedicated to Selenium testing. Selenium is a longtime open-source tool for browser automation; it’s a widely-used tool with a huge community of users. The framework is capable of automating and controlling…

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15. 05. 2023 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 13: (Data-Driven) Communication

You’ve probably watched a number of YouTube tutorials over the last 10 years, whether to help you with a specific task at work, to keep your IT skills refreshed, or even just to learn something new about one of your personal hobbies (no, we don’t want to hear about your favorite cat videos). So I’m…

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28. 02. 2023 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 12: Storyboarding

Okay, this is Part 12, so we’re all experts now. Still, there are a number of things you can do to up your game. Today let’s talk about one of them: planning your video with an organizational tool called storyboarding. Briefly, a storyboard is a visual tool, a series of drawn frames with written dialog…

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17. 01. 2023 Gianluca Piccolo Development, NetEye, Training

Learning Path: Cyber Security in NetEye Development

Overview I think there are different ways companies use to achieve the purpose of making their own software more secure, for example paying other dedicated companies to do penetration tests. Our approach was the same, initially…the most obvious problems were found and fixed. But there was something we weren’t buying. We weren’t satisfied, we knew…

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09. 01. 2023 William Calliari Development

Static Field Validation in Serde

I recently had to parse the JSON-RPC 2.0 standard and ran into the following problem: The standard requires the field “jsonrpc”: “2.0” in the JSON itself, and I wanted to validate that with Serde to ensure the message conforms to the standard. On the other hand I don’t need the field in the actual struct,…

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31. 12. 2022 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video (Tutorials), Part 11: Recording Day

So you read the advice I wrote in parts 1-9, you think to yourself “Oh why not, I’ll try to make a video”, and you then plan everything out: where to film, what to say, how to dress, the equipment you need, etc. You’ll pick or reserve a room somewhere in your office building (we’re…

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27. 12. 2022 Damiano Chini Development, Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Adding Settings to Beats Agents’ Templates Based on the Index Name

With the introduction of the Composable Index Templates in Elastic, we at NetEye had to redesign the way index settings and mappings are applied to the indices generated by El Proxy. In this post I’ll explain: The solution explained in the remainder of the post was designed for El Proxy, but it may apply also…

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23. 12. 2022 Valentina Da Rold Development, ITOA, NetEye

Configuring ClickHouse as an Additional Data Source in Grafana

As mentioned in my colleague Mattia’s blog, NetEye 4.27 comes with a ClickHouse database pre-installed.If you follow that post, you will be able to customize NetEye in order to save data inside a ClickHouse database. Your data is now ready to be visualized on a dashboard, and you can accomplish this by configuring the ClickHouse…

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22. 12. 2022 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video (Tutorials), Part 11: Animation Redux

After my last post on the advantages and disadvantages of the animation style of video, I hope you did your homework! I certainly did, and you can see the results of my first animated video that conveys some basic information on the need for cybersecurity both in English and in Italian. Probably like you, I…

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20. 12. 2022 Lorenzo Candeago Development, DevOps

A Simple and Portable Dockerfile for Working with Azure and Ansible

For our use case, we need to be able to deploy Azure machines using Ansible from developer’s laptops and from our own CI/CD infrastructure both on Jenkins and OpenShift. The easiest way to ship a working and easy-to-use environment for our use case is to create a Docker instance: we based our Docker on rockylinux…

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13. 12. 2022 Damiano Chini Development, Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

How We Sped up El Proxy Verification

Before deploying El Proxy in production we, the R&D Team, carried out numerous benchmarks and reproduced real life scenarios to ensure that the real-time log signing performed by El Proxy would not represent a bottleneck in environments where logs that must respect the Italian “Garante Privacy” regulations are generated with data rates of around 2,000…

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01. 12. 2022 Gianluca Piccolo Development, PHP

A Developer’s Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What Bug You’re Gonna Get – Part 2

Intro This post continues the analysis of a bug I had to deal with recently. If you missed the first part, I suggest you go take a look at it before continuing with this. If, on the other hand, you’ve been anxiously waiting for this post XD, we’re ready to get into the thick of…

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25. 11. 2022 Benjamin Gröber Development

What is the perfect development team size?

When a team practicing agile software development is growing, one common question that arises is the optimal size for a development team. While some argue that smaller teams are more effective, others believe that larger teams can be equally successful if managed properly. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages we encountered…

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07. 11. 2022 Gianluca Piccolo Development, PHP

A Developer’s Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What Bug You’re Gonna Get – Part 1

Intro In this post I’d like to explain the technique I chose to discover the cause of a bug I recently worked on, and why I made certain choices, given the not-so-common circumstances: part of a GUI I was debugging stopped working. It depended on third-party code and was therefore largely unfamiliar to me. Another…

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14. 10. 2022 Benjamin Gröber Development

The Most Important Question in Product Development

Communication is the single most important thing whenever and wherever people interact. Communication is the key to great relationships both in business and also in personal life, however it seems like it’s also the hardest thing to get right. When a software product evolves, between the birth of a good idea, the formalization of a…

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