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05. 09. 2023 Rocco Pezzani Development, NetEye

Upgrading to the New nep-setup on NetEye 4.31

After a first semester full of great opportunities (many colleagues like to say so), the wheels have started turning again for NetEye Extension Packs. Now, a big evolution is beginning: in the near future, NEP will encompass the entire NetEye infrastructure, meaning it will also configure and manage NetEye Satellites. To do so, the current…

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23. 08. 2023 Alessandro Mizzaro Development, Events, SEC4U

DEFCON 31: My Trip to Vegas w/ mhackeroni

Greetings, cyber enthusiasts! This year we hacked a satellite and won $50K!! Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, that last sentence isn’t fake, but let’s go back to a few days ago… I’m Alessandro — Alemmi on the internet — and while I always enjoy playing CTFs with my workmates here at Würth Phoenix,…

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23. 08. 2023 Charles Callaway Development

Tutorial Video Editing Technical Tips, Part 1: Making an Inset Porthole Video

Rather than the type of advice in my series on how to create a tutorial video, today let’s talk about the specifics on how to create a “porthole video”, which is an inset video overlay used during a screencast that doesn’t have the standard square shape (if it were square, we wouldn’t need any special…

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22. 08. 2023 Fabrizio Dovesi Atlassian, Development, Service Management

Scaled Planning in Jira: Another Brick in the Wall

The brand new “Top-level planning” template represents the puzzle pieces that guide us in effectively managing scaled planning in Jira Introduction: Why is “Scaling” fundamental? Do you know that feeling when you find the one puzzle piece that allows you to connect two larger sets of pieces you’ve already assembled? Well, that’s similar to what…

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04. 08. 2023 Mattia Codato Development

How to Brand the Cockpit Login Page

The example code in this article is available on GitHub. From a brand identity perspective, it’s essential that your company’s theme is applied to all parts of your products. After my previous blog post where we saw how you can create a Cockpit module with Vue.js, it’s time to see how we can customize the Cockpit…

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27. 07. 2023 Mattia Codato Development

Cockpit module + Vue.js + TypeScript

The example project used in this article is available on GitHub. A few months ago I started exploring Cockpit and the first thing I noticed is how every single Cockpit module is made with React. Why doesn’t anybody use Vue.js and/or TypeScript in Cockpit? Let’s start with the basics: what is Cockpit? Quoting RedHat: Cockpit…

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03. 07. 2023 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 14: Dark Backgrounds

I’m not one to follow a lot of the latest YouTube trends. Maybe it’s an age thing, though it could also just be a stubborn streak. But after you make enough videos, you start to recognize a good thing when you see it. And one thing that struck me recently were a number of great…

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19. 06. 2023 Fabrizio Dovesi Atlassian, Development, Service Management

👀 The AI is coming! The AI is coming!

A brief presentation of the brand new Atlassian Intelligence features and their potential in real use case scenarios. We don’t need Chicken Little to tell us that our lives will be increasingly influenced by the Artificial Intelligence revolution – AI is transforming how we work, enhancing teamwork, and significantly accelerating team achievements. Machine learning is…

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05. 06. 2023 William Calliari Development

About Set Theory, the N-queens Problem, and SQL

The n-queens problem is a common exercise in computer science. Legend has it that a mathematician once declared that women are like the queens in chess, you can’t put eight of them in a room without them trying to kill each other. This obviously isn’t true, and since I’m a feminist, but also a nerd,…

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25. 05. 2023 Valentina Da Rold Development, NetEye

Moving from Selenium to Playwright – Part 1

In order to visually test NetEye on browsers at each stage of development and before each release, we have a continuous integration (CI) step dedicated to Selenium testing. Selenium is a longtime open-source tool for browser automation; it’s a widely-used tool with a huge community of users. The framework is capable of automating and controlling…

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15. 05. 2023 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 13: (Data-Driven) Communication

You’ve probably watched a number of YouTube tutorials over the last 10 years, whether to help you with a specific task at work, to keep your IT skills refreshed, or even just to learn something new about one of your personal hobbies (no, we don’t want to hear about your favorite cat videos). So I’m…

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28. 02. 2023 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 12: Storyboarding

Okay, this is Part 12, so we’re all experts now. Still, there are a number of things you can do to up your game. Today let’s talk about one of them: planning your video with an organizational tool called storyboarding. Briefly, a storyboard is a visual tool, a series of drawn frames with written dialog…

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17. 01. 2023 Gianluca Piccolo Development, NetEye, Training

Learning Path: Cyber Security in NetEye Development

Overview I think there are different ways companies use to achieve the purpose of making their own software more secure, for example paying other dedicated companies to do penetration tests. Our approach was the same, initially…the most obvious problems were found and fixed. But there was something we weren’t buying. We weren’t satisfied, we knew…

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09. 01. 2023 William Calliari Development

Static Field Validation in Serde

I recently had to parse the JSON-RPC 2.0 standard and ran into the following problem: The standard requires the field “jsonrpc”: “2.0” in the JSON itself, and I wanted to validate that with Serde to ensure the message conforms to the standard. On the other hand I don’t need the field in the actual struct,…

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31. 12. 2022 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video (Tutorials), Part 11: Recording Day

So you read the advice I wrote in parts 1-9, you think to yourself “Oh why not, I’ll try to make a video”, and you then plan everything out: where to film, what to say, how to dress, the equipment you need, etc. You’ll pick or reserve a room somewhere in your office building (we’re…

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