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31. 12. 2021 Damiano Chini Development, NetEye

Tornado Monitoring and Statistics

When I’m running a service which processes a lot of data, sooner or later I start to wonder: what is the service doing? What data is it processing? This also applies to our event processor Tornado. For the Tornado Engine, the administrator may wonder for example how many events Tornado is receiving, how many actions…

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31. 12. 2021 Damiano Chini Development, Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Real Time Log Signing on Fleet-managed Elastic Agents – A Preliminary Investigation

The R&D Team is currently working on the integration of the new Elastic Fleet management tool in NetEye 4. Once Elastic Fleet is fully integrated in NetEye 4, all of the Log Management features currently supported will also need to work with the Elastic Fleet. In particular, the integration of Elastic Fleet with the Log…

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29. 12. 2021 Alessandro Valentini Development, NetEye

NetEye Satellites: a Process-Growth Opportunity

During 2021 we decided to officially support Satellites as part of NetEye. Satellites were already widely used by our customers, in particular as part of the Icinga 2 monitoring infrastructure, but a complex manual configuration was required to install them. The development team faced a difficult challenge in fully supporting Satellites: providing an easy-to-use solution…

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29. 12. 2021 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Tutorials, Part 6: Beyond the Green Screen

Welcome to the next installment in my series on creating video tutorials on technical topics that you can upload to YouTube, and in particular in this article, on continuously improving the quality as you create more and more tutorials over time. There’s a method in the art/design community called iteration, where creative groups improve on…

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20. 12. 2021 Charles Callaway Development, PHP

Intermediate Features in the Grav CMS

In my last post I described an easy, developer-oriented setup for a website based on the Grav file-based content management system, along with the EasyDev PHP development suite that contributes PHP, Apache and MySQL (although the latter isn’t necessary for Grav to operate). Used together, you can build quite sophisticated user-facing sites. Today I’m going…

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15. 12. 2021 Fabrizio Dovesi Development, Service Management

First Steps in Your Atlassian Ecosystem – Keep the Lights on Jira with Confluence Pages Macros

Project data and documentation management is always a challenge. Using macros within your Confluence pages can definitely help with this, especially those that create live charts and reports on the linked Jira project. After following these simple steps, in just a few minutes you’ll have: 📌 A better idea of how to organize Confluence Pages…

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09. 12. 2021 Fabrizio Dovesi Development, Service Management

First Steps on Your Atlassian Ecosystem – Integrate Jira Projects and Confluence Spaces

Once you have an empty, configured Atlassian cloud site, what are the right steps to take in order to get value from it at time zero? After following these simple steps, in just a few minutes you’ll have: 📌 A Confluence Space to manage your documentation 📌 An integrated Jira Project and Confluence Space 📌…

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30. 09. 2021 Damiano Chini Development, NetEye

Tornado: Tracing

How can we allow a Tornado administrator to successfully track down the flow of an event through Filters, Rules and Actions of Tornado, when Tornado is processing thousands of events per second? Tornado administrators can have a hard time reading Tornado logs to understand where for example an action error comes from. Take this log…

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14. 09. 2021 Dominik Gramegna Development, Icinga Web 2, NetEye, PHP

Personal Impressions on Creating Custom Icinga Web 2 Modules

In my second and last blog I want to talk about the procedure for writing Icinga Web 2 modules (icingaweb2-modules) for NetEye. This will be my last blog because as of today, I will sadly leave this company. In my short time here I’ve had the occasion to learn the art of making own Icinga…

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25. 08. 2021 Charles Callaway Development, PHP

A Dead Simple CMS/WAMP Development Environment

Suppose you need to set up or maintain a simple but professional looking website on Windows (maybe even on a budget), be able to develop using tools like PHP, have it all work even when you don’t have web access, and then once you’re done, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to compile,…

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20. 08. 2021 Valentina Da Rold Development

Research & Development – The Reorganization

As described in my previous post (Research & Development – The Spotify Model) we recently discussed the Spotify Model and various changes and improvements we could apply to our internal team organization. During our retrospectives two recurring problems popped out: long and exhausting sprint planning sessions difficulties in creating balanced sprints based on team members…

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30. 06. 2021 Mattia Codato Development, NetEye

Live Modification

In Würth Phoenix we usually organize a workshop with the Icinga2 team twice a year. These workshops are an opportunity for all participants to show the latest developments, propose new ideas and explore new solutions. They’re always very inspiring days with an incredible flow of ideas and a lot of code written. During this year’s…

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30. 06. 2021 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 5: Publishing on YouTube

Congratulations on finishing your first tutorial video! So now you can put it on your corporate web site, and maybe email or tweet out a link to it. But what about visibility? If your business is large enough to have a marketing department, you (or they) will likely want your tutorial videos to be part…

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11. 06. 2021 Valentina Da Rold Development

Research & Development – The Spotify Model

As described in our prior posts (Insights, Backlog, Planning Poker, and Spike), the Research & Development team adopted a full Agile approach about 5 years ago. We try to continuously improve our process, and that’s why we recently attended a new Agile course. It’s a long journey from basic Agile principles to the most innovative…

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20. 04. 2021 Charles Callaway Development

Making Your Own Video Tutorials, Part 4: Editing and Compositing

In my previous blog post we looked at how to use a green screen to add an extra touch to the tutorial videos you upload to YouTube, particularly focusing on the ambient space for filming, the lighting (both the screen itself and the subject), and the necessary audio and video equipment. The goal of using…

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