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12. 09. 2023 Davide Gallo Contribution, DevOps, NetEye

Automating Icinga 2 Deployment on Linux Systems

Currently, deploying an Icinga 2 Agent on a Linux system can be intricate, given the substantial variations in the process across different releases or OS families. For instance: Fortunately, there’s no need to develop and maintain a custom script to manage these diverse scenarios. We can leverage the readily available Ansible Plugins for this purpose….

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02. 05. 2023 Davide Gallo Contribution, NetEye

Using Ansible to Automate Agent Deployment

NetEye relies on many agents in order to monitor just one server, some examples are: Icinga, Telegraf, Elastic beats, GLPI agent and so on. As a Site Reliability Engineer, I’m responsible for ensuring that all these agents run smoothly. This can involve performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks like managing configurations, deploying updates, and provisioning new…

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30. 12. 2022 Davide Gallo Contribution, NetEye, Service Management

Start Using systemd Timers instead of cron/anacron

systemd timers are a way to schedule tasks in Linux systems using the systemd initialization system. They provide finer granularity for scheduling tasks than the traditional crontab, and also ensure that the task will be executed when the system is running in the future, even if the expected execution time was missed due to the…

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28. 10. 2022 Juergen Vigna Contribution, NetEye

Receiving and Handling Incoming SMS’s on NetEye in Tornado (Part 1/2)

Most physical NetEye servers have an SMS Gateway attached in order to send CRITICAL notifications via an SMS message, since this will work even when the main network is down. However, sometimes you just want to send messages to your NetEye server’s SMS Gateway in order to effect certain actions, for example just to check…

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19. 07. 2022 Enrico Alberti Contribution, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Integration of Centreon Plugins into NetEye Extension Packs

With the end of 2021 we’ve release the first version of the NetEye Extension Packs project that helps customers and consultants on their monitoring implementations and more (see Introducing NetEye Extension Packs | for details). Now our focus is to extend the ouf of box infrastructure coverage of our monitoring plugins. With this target…

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22. 11. 2021 Juergen Vigna Contribution, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring SOAP Webservices

SOAP is a messaging protocol for exchanging information based on XML over the network. SOAP messages are written in XML, which is why they are platform- and language-independent. A lot of enterprises have such webservices that return useful data for use in (web) applications. Now, if you want your application to work, then these webservices…

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24. 06. 2021 Alessandro Valentini Contribution, NetEye

NetEye Backup: MariaDB

Roughly one year ago I started working on a set of backup scripts for NetEye with the following requirements: Cluster support without standby Configuration backups InfluxDB backup MariaDB backup In this post I’ll focus on the journey through my MariaDB backup implementation. Backing up MariaDB is usually a simple task: you run the mysqldump command…

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28. 05. 2021 Juergen Vigna Contribution, ITOA, NetEye

Monitoring Host Availability inside Grafana

A frequent request I get is how to view the availability of hosts and/or services within a Grafana dashboard. Here I demonstrate how to do this for host availability. To implement this, we first create a new table in our MariaDB on NetEye. I’ll call this table host_daily_sla and put it in the pre-existing reporting…

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09. 03. 2021 Oreste Attanasio Contribution, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NeDi 1.9 security advisory

Synopsis Critical: NeDi security update Type/Severity Security Advisory: Critical Topic An update for NeDi is now available for NetEye. NetEye Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Critical. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from the CVE…

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28. 09. 2020 Mattia Codato Contribution, Development, Icinga News, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye – Icinga2 Execute Command API

In the last few weeks, we collaborated with the Icinga2 developers to create a new powerful API, called “Execute Command“. The main purpose of this new API is to execute specific commands on a node by sending the request to the parent node. This is useful when the user cannot reach the desired node (an…

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18. 06. 2020 Gianluca Piccolo Contribution, Development, Icinga Web 2, PHP

How to Apply PHP Coding Conventions for Icinga Web 2 Projects

In this article we’re going to take a look at the main tool for validating PHP code and explain in detail how to check the code we write so we can contribute it to Icinga Web 2 and its modules. First, let’s talk a little about coding conventions and what’s the standard for PHP projects….

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